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January Favorites 2012!

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  1. @tknugsxforeverx68 TARGET!

  2. @cheer56781 it's called revlon photo ready 3D mascara (:

  3. You have to do a perfume collection! (: I love you no matter how you say san fran. Oh wait did i say san fran? I sound stupid now! NOT. But no you have convinced me i NEED the color tattoos. (:

  4. @fernandoislegit I'm pretty sure san fernando isn't the same thing as san francisco… spoken by a true san franciscan. marissa, keep doin your thing, girrrrl

  5. classyglamourgirl04

    Hey there, Check out my channel sometime :)

  6. How do you ask to get your nails done, there always so cute!

  7. @Fernandaislegit *you're

  8. I'm in love with your hair!!! :)

  9. heyyyy nice video! how are you going? ok so i got a good video idea for you, how about next time ur at a hotel for vactaion,holidays or even a trip try and make a video of fun things like jumping and bouncing on the beds and do seatdrops n flips on them! haha, and whilst your at the hotel do door knock runs, prank calls and elevator races! :)

  10. tutorial on hair please!

  11. CattyKittenQueen

    Does ur hair curl well with a normal clamp curling iron??

  12. i LOVEEEE it's a 10! <3

  13. i love your shirt? where is it from?(:

  14. I'm not being a hater, I was just saying thats how you got out there…you had help…I never said you were bad at making videos..

  15. i love your videossss girl! :)

  16. i wish i went to your college. my bed is a twin, we're not allowed to have christmas trees or christmas lights. my dorm is so boring!

  17. yes yes perfume collection!

  18. You've seriously become one of my fav gurus!!! You're freakin funny and your videos are awesome to watch!! Ohh and yes hair tutorial would be hella good! :)

  19. @Tanamontana100 Okay, if she sucked no one would watch her, regardless of Meghan… Her success is her own :)

  20. @Fernandaislegit
    Yeah, I'm from San Francisco, only ignorant people call others "dumbasses" for the way they say things.
    You're(******) welcome

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