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January Empties (Cruelty-Free!) – Logical Harmony

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  1. Hello,
    The perfume link takes to escape page about gambling no matter what video i watch? Do you know why? 

  2. Kaycha Elizabeth

    I just found your videos and your amazing! I don't know if it's just my computer but I find your videos volume very low I have the speaker on max! And still so quiet! Soo I glad I found you!!!! 

  3. Make videos more often, I love your blog but I like to be able to have the videos playing while I am at work and still be productive lol :D

  4. I'm so glad you're back to making videos! Also a huge Pacifica fan here. That shower gel is amazing! Blood orange and coconut are my fave scents. 

  5. Melissa Gandarinho

    I need to venture more with Pacifica. I've only tried their body butter. I have an eye-shadow and eyeliner from them, but haven't tried it yet. My Target doesn't have a good variety of their products and Ulta is so out of the way. 

  6. Every jasmine-scented Pacifica product is amazing. I'm using their body wash right now and it's just so good. The makeup wipes are also great. The scent reminds me of dunkaroos icing.

  7. I tried the lavanilla deodorants and none worked for me. Sometimes I felt like they made me smell worse, actually. Perhaps I just live in too warm a climate? I had them last summer and oh goodness no. I am ever on the hunt for goof CF (not necessarily vegan but I would prefer it) deodorant. Someone on youtube wrote to me that I should dry pit paste, so I'll get that next.

  8. Love love love Logical Harmony and happy to be seeing more vids in the future. 

  9. Love Pacifica!!!! 

  10. Good to see you! I love your desire affirmation on your wall! Thanks for sharing because I haven't found many new products interested in lately, it's all good though.
    I'm still liking the unscented crystal deoderant, lasts a long time too. YAY you know i love ELF Mascra, they are closing all targets in Cnaad and deided to remove ALL ELF products (pretty much) from shelves, its very sad as I had been waiting for YEARS, oh well…gues back to odering online… or occasional find at Marshalls etc. I feel bad for the target employees.


  11. @NaturallySukirti For some reason it's not letting me reply directly to your comment. :-/ Makeup videos are on the plan for in the future! We just need to figure out the best set up for those first. :)

  12. You're so awesome! I love that you're doing videos again, and I adoreeee your gallery wall! Keep rockin' it, babe! <3

  13. Got a small bottle of the Lush Rose Jam shower gel for Christmas. I'm not usually big on floral scents, but I absolutely love it! I didn't know it was a seasonal scent though, so I'll have to make sure I get a big bottle next year. Looking forward to more videos!

  14. NaturallySukirti

    So nice to hear your voice! I hope you do some makeup vids – your makeup is always on point!

  15. Yay! I'm a new subscriber :)

  16. Great empties! I also love pacifica body wash, I am currently using the rose one. Can't wait to see more videos! :) 

  17. Those wipes sounds like I need to try them! 

  18. Love that I'll be seeing your pretty face more often on YouTube now! ^_^ 

  19. Yay I'm glad you are back to doing videos :) I know what you mean, its hard to use up things before they go bad when you get monthly boxes. 

  20. Looking forward to more videos from you, Tashina! I've been wanting to try Pacifica… I luuuurve Coconut scents :)

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