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Issey Miyake Summer 2013 review

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  1. I bought it based on your review..
    And it is awesome.
    I am fan of the Original since I was a kid,and this is exactly it minus the yuzu plus the kiwi.
    I am getting another bottle this week.

  2. Great voice and pronunciation! Subbed mainly because of that.

  3. Love this scent, tons of compliments, works very well with my chemistry but it fades SUPER FAST. I look for a signature summer scent EVERY YEAR as I already have my regular fall/winter lineup always stocked. I am so sick of all the other "fresh scents" that wear down and smell salty/sweaty after a few hours. Original Issey is good for me I really wish I bought that instead, it stays with me throughout the day. Those "sporty" fresh like scents stink to me. I carry citrus, woodsy, spicy better.

  4. I can see that. They are all in the same family and more than likely share a common ingredient that your nose may be familiar with.

  5. Reminds me of Versace Pour Homme, ADG, and Nautica Island Voyage.

  6. Wore this today: Sprayed it on at about 7:30am, got complimented @11am, then again @3:30pm. I was worried about the longevity because I'm expecting 12+hrs from the Issey line of fragrances. I always thought it didn't last, but you stop smelling it after 1hr, but don't think other people don't smell it. Thanks for the review. I think they did a wonderful job on this one. +1 on decent in the heat. Was running around and that brings it out.

  7. :( it's a shame they won't take it back. If I were you I would post on here, Basenotes and other sites saying you have a bottle for sale or swap. Hopefully someone in the UK will want it :)

  8. Ohio, USA :)

  9. Thanks :) I enjoy it too and most people that have the original like this one as well and the price is nice.

  10. I will buy it if your intrested in getting rid of it and you cannot take it back.

  11. love this fragrance !! so fresh and light.great review.!!:)

  12. Well, depending on where you bought it from you may still be able to take it back even if it is opened especially if you are in the states. Since this just came out I assume you bought it at a major department store, give them a call and ask about their return policy, it's worth a shot.

  13. This is hilarious! I love it that someone is so passionate about smells. On one hand it's the ultimate superficiality, on the other it's an amazing feat of inconsequentiality. Don't get me wrong, it's clearly satisfying to "860Cologne", and probably contributes to the livelihood of dozens of people, but the sheer rhetorical improbability sounds straight from a Douglas Adams novel. Well, I guess some people like wine, others food, so why not smell right?

  14. It's a good summer frag longevity. Not nearly as long as the original, but decent in the heat. projection is average as well.

  15. Thanks so much :) Let us know how you like the juice

  16. I was able to find a bottle of Summer 2012 and did a side by side comparison and was able to detect the kiwi in this years. It is a very nice frag and I agree a great price.

  17. What do you guys rate the projection and longevity as?

  18. Great review … and right to the point … Agree on all points, will be getting a back up …

  19. I also bought this fragrance and like it very much. I had the 2009, and to me this is almost identical after the first hour. The 2009 was more floral in the beginning while this is more citrusy and fruity with floral in the background. I definitely get a kiwi note in the first 30-45 min or so and then it either fades completely or so far into the background that I don't notice it.

    Overall, great fragrance and a steal for the price.

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