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Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey fragrance/cologne review

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  1. I love this perfume. Totally different among these range but it doesn't last on my skin, only 5 hours. A bit strong and loud at the first spray but smooth after 20 minutes.

  2. Nicest after shave I've ever smelt, ordered a 125ML bottle straight away 

  3. I picked this up a few months ago and I honestly really like it. This is my first Issey Miyake fragrance. It seems many others that commented didn't like how it opened up but that's actually what attracted me to this fragrance. It has pretty decent longevity on my skin as well. This one gets a thumbs up from me. I'm admittedly no fragrance expert, but I do know that my nose likes this fragrance and I have gotten compliments as well.

  4. Great review keep up the good work.This cologne is awesome

  5. this is really nice fragrance, although i do agree – it DID take a little while to get used to. It has a really strong presence out of the atomizer, so you might want to 'air it out' for a little while before heading out! But once it does calm down, it is a very nice, "warm" spicy fragrance – perfect for fall & winter, but will definitely be too heavy for summer wear!!!

  6. Johmathan .B. Swift

    I didn't like the fragrance right away from the bottle. It had a kinda walking down a Rite Aid cologne isle. I wasn't fine with the opening , but after about ten minutes it did have an appeal.  I have to tell you if I was to spend 100, i would pick up another Chanel Allure Homme Sport. But, that said, I will give it sometime. I will try it again in a week or so and if I still have the same view , I'll tit again in a couple of weeks from that. Thank you very much for this review 

  7. This perfume is very good scent i love it i will buy it i promise i have the leud d issey and i love it too..

  8. Great review. I really like this one, going to pick it up today. It actually comes in 2 sizes, 75ml and 125ml.

  9. They sell it at Norstrom if anyone's interested. Bought a bottle today. Smells great 

  10. Okay help me out bro…I really like the notes, & your take on the frag. Stores in my area dont have it yet, but Amazon does, so i'll have to do a blind buy….I dont own Tom Ford Noir in order to compare it. But i do have Fahrenheit Absolute, La Nuit de l'homme, & Spicebomb….What i'm trying to figure out is if its at least within the range, or better than either of those ???

  11. First smelled this on a magazine strip. Must admit I was intrigued. Thanks for the review….pretty sure it's a buy for me. P.S. loved the "future, ex, mother-in-law" line.

  12. You are getting better every time. Loved the description. Dark, sophisticated..sounds like something I may like. And I to am not an Issey Miyake fan per se. 

  13. Another exclusive?  You're on a roll.  Sounds like a departure from their fresher scents.  Would you believe that L'eau D'Issey was my very first bottle of perfume I ever bought at the ripe age of 19?  LOL

  14. Where do you buy your fragrances? I'm starting out and looking for some nice places to buy without having to pay retail if possible but of course I want them to be legit. Any help would be great love your videos man!  

  15. Another one I need to smell, man in behind 

  16. Atmosphereification

    Nice. Will try this when I see it. Sound good in performance. 

  17. haven't tried an issey miyake i didn't like.  this sounds up my alley for sure, can't wait to try it.  btw, another exclusive, you're on a roll, Chad!

  18. Great video, Thanks !

  19. Nice first impression, great vídeo brother, congrats on the exclusive! 

  20. Great exclusive bro.cant wait for this to come out.like you I only like 1 from the house (gold absolu for me though) thanks for the take.awesome job

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