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Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme: The Review!

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  1. Does anyone else get a harsh opening that last about an hour or so? Only thing i don't like about this scent.

  2. digitalnightmare90

    Try to avoid more than two sprays on the neck if you want to avoid a headache. After experimenting with this fragrance in the past, it should project perfect with 3 sprays. You will not offend anybodies nose using 3 sprays, maybe even 4. Just try to avoid to many sprays near your face because the fumes can get strong for your nose, giving you a possible headache.

  3. digitalnightmare90

    Hey! the longevity is around 8-12 hours, which is great for those long days out or even on a holiday. Projection I would give a 9/10, as it depends on how much heat your body gives off. The way I spray this is, one on the centre of the neck and one on each wrist and you're good to go!

    This scent was worth the money and actually feels like it's cooling you down in a weird way.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Brother….Longevity and Projection?

  5. digitalnightmare90

    @mrjoestrikesagain Thanks joe! Well the Macbook Air is getting a refresh possibly this coming week (some say this wednesday as apple have mass ordered 380,000 new models for their stores and are doing a store refresh). I'll see which one's the better buy when the new macbook air is released because i need it for university too. Portability with less power or power with less portability..Hmmmmmm 😛 lol

  6. mrjoestrikesagain

    Nice review… Always enjoy your videos… BTW get the macbook pro… Air is not the most powerful machine… Macbook pro will kill at editing.

  7. digitalnightmare90

    I'm sorry for the random video distortion..i'm using windows movie maker and it sucks so bad! Getting a macbook pro/air soon so hopefully that will bring better videos! thumbs up so people can see!

  8. digitalnightmare90

    @grgfourtinas thanks dude! yeah definately have to agree with you there 😀 it's unique all year round I think, but this is the perfect time of the year to wear it :)

  9. digitalnightmare90

    @WallyStinx Thanks Wally! Yeah, I definately get around 10+ from this fragrance, and doesn't it remind you of lemonade?

  10. nice review pal. i really enjoy the yuzu in here, it's a little different from your typical citrus and definitely lasts a while.

  11. digitalnightmare90

    @NosetionsXI I'm glad you like it 😀 Ooo, thanks for the complement 😀 your accents better!! 😉

  12. Such a nice floral-aquatic scent! Great for summer. Thanks for the informative review harpz!! P.S. Did I tell you your accent's awesome! =D -H

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