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Is FragranceNet Legit?

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  1. Fragrancenet is one of the best, and Scented Monkey is the other one.

  2. even if they legit, their Customer service not good at all also they have just 2% at reseller ratings website

  3. I love there site never had a problem. fast shipping nice secure packaging

  4. Great video, man! Thanks.

  5. I have always assumed it was a gray market organization. I made perhaps three purchases from them over the past 15 years, two of which seemed legit, but the last one was definitely a fake. So I haven't gone back since (about 7 years ago). When ya have just one bad experience with a distributor when it comes to frags, it's never worth a second chance in my book. Why bother when we have other decant places that are far more trusted, and some youtubers and FB people that we can trust for splits/decants. The only disadvantage is that we have to wait for the offers to come around with the YT/FB offers, but it's still worth it knowing we're getting the real thing. I seriously doubt any of the YTers would risk their rep by sending diluted or fake crap, and my experience so far, altho limited, was great.

    But thanks for the video and your opinion/insights.

  6. Katzarr Montgomery

    just go to WM; at least you can return it with no problems.

  7. Omar Cabrera - DOR

    FraganceNet is NOT legit. I have bought a few products & are undoubtedly a counterfeit. Please beware!

  8. Fu Lee “Cosmo” Wane

    man cut it out that shit is fake my cousin bought bond no.9 wallstreet st8 fake lmao..then they charged him 40% to return it

  9. I used it less than a week later the card I used is comprised. Don't shop at this website

  10. Thing is, "old product" is often what we perfumistas want.
    Heck, I wish I could order and get the originals of scents now changed beyond recognition. lol.

    Have never had an problem with fragrancenet.
    Just bought Creed Tubereuse Indiana from them and, it's great.
    But yes, I know Creed can be one that is faked,
    albeit usually the more popular scents in the Line.

    I think illegal "copiers" more often than not go for uber-popluar designer scents.
    Having said that, we probably all have a fake in our collection, lurking somewhere.

  11. All my purchases have been just fine with them. If I were going to spend a few hundred dollars on a purchase, however, I probably would buy retail.

  12. anybody ever order YSL La Nuit De L'homme from them? any stories or know if it's legit?

  13. Very informative video! Thanks!

  14. Common sense here, ok they sell old stock right !! I am lucky I bought 10 bottles of Ch men the old version with red apron :-) from them, I would rather buy old pre reformulation than new fresh ones !!!

  15. Josephine Robertson

    Interesting. I bought two bottles from them recently. Both match the (very legit) samples I have exactly, scent, longevity, etc. Bottles are the quality I would expect. Perhaps I got lucky given what some are reporting but while I got a discount it wasn't huge and the results are certainly real.

  16. Md. Shahnewaz Islam

    dear DOC can u suggest any good online store/site for niche perfume?

  17. I got started in collecting a few years ago via perfume.com then found frangrancenet.com. I haven't had any issue and I have close to 40 bottles strictly through them. I can't speak on their ebay store and their used fragrances, but the ones from their site have been legit thus far and came with fully sealed packaging. I took the chance on a Creed a couple weeks ago and I wasn't disappointed, but I wouldn't make a habit of buying super expensive frags on the graymarket.

    I can take the hit if a $70-90 bottle turns out to be a dud, not a $200+ bottle.

  18. I've bough a couple fragrances from them good stuff but got jacked with Creed Silver Mountain Water got a full refund. No complaints just be careful.

  19. Great information. Thanks for explaining about the 'grey market'. Never knew about that. Makes a lot of sense. I've made quite a few purchases from FragranceNet in the past and one just recently. So far, so good.

  20. Epilepsy Warning

    I just wanna know if I order Ysl l'homme I won't get piss in a bottle.

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