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Invictus review

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  1. why some are pink?

  2. DNA. Classic.

  3. Cool Runnings :)

  4. awesome video……….bruhhh the DNA tho!!!!!!!!!

  5. How long does it take until its in your DNA bro hahah

  6. hahaha get into your body get into your DNA…. i like ur review!

  7. The opening is only last for 30 minutes and its stay on skin for 8-9hr. But still like the juice. Smell more better then 1M

  8. Do not make the mistake of asking for "after shave" when you're actually shopping for an actual fragrance (Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Parfum). They are very different things and you'll end up paying a lot of cash for the weak after shave version of the real fragrance. This is known to have happened to people on many occasions and the sales people are very reluctant to switch it with the EDT you actually wanted to purchase after you've removed the nylon seal from the box. Outside of that, great review of a terrible fragrance.

  9. Nice review , short and smart ! 

  10. Good review – you've earned a like & another subscriber.

  11. Very informative review, I never sense the smell before, but u used black xl and it's very good

  12. projection and sillage are beast! The opening is super fresh! However, like any other citrusy aquatics fragrances, it doesn't last that long. only last about 5 hours on my skin and I live in South East Asia where it's hot all the time. A solid 7.5/10 for me

  13. Good Review :)

  14. mecaemalestacuenta

    I liked your review. Simple and concise. 

  15. When did it come out?? Great review btw! 

  16. +Emir Sinanović I was putting it on yesterday for the first time (4 sprays) and got directly complimented by 4 girls at work. i was moving to the middle of the room and the girls sat on the end of the room (about 3 meters away) and they smelled me! :)

  17. what is your accent

  18. what about projection with say 3-4 sprays?

  19. Joachim R. Knutsen


  20. After shave……?!

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