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Invictus Fragrance Review-Paco Rabanne

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Inversion Rabanne Invictus Mens Perfume Eau De Toilette 100ml/3.3oz (Our Version)

  • Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.3oz
  • Fragrance Made in China
  • High Quality Fragrance for affordable price
  • Our Version Of: Invictus Paco Rabanne
It is an affordable and low cost fragrance for Men.

Price: $ 12.99


  1. It gets a lot of compliments because it's a fragrance that was made to have mass appeal. I don't think it's expensive for fragrance though. Niche perfumes are hundreds. I think you should do a review on a Roja Dove fragrance. They go up to about $1200! JK lol I think $1200 is ridiculous.

  2. 10-15 Sprays?! Headache….

    2 Sprays MAYBE 3 and 3 is PUSHING it!

    I sprayed 3 and got slightly annoyed by it. It also lasts a long time all the women at my job love it.

  3. Amazing review btw !!

  4. Just bought it and it's amazing. It is my personal favorite. So sexy.

  5. i need to get my hands on this.. I'm between this and dior sauvage for night out, but i'll prob pull the trigger on this. Great vid!!

  6. Dat Random YouTuber

    Do you think it smells masculine or sporty? I have been thinking about going to to a department store and 'smellin' it, but i bet it costs the bank lol nice vid, btw ;))

  7. how much sprays do you use with this one and do you spray you're cloth or skin with it ?

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