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Invictus by Paco Rabanne | Fragrance Review

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  1. Michael Plangger

    is that gustavo fring?

  2. I like it, girls love the smell so it works for me. 

  3. venkatraman raguraman

    Excellent Review as always. You have been generous with the score. I am not going to argue with you at all as you know much more about fragrances. I personally did not find this interesting whatsoever.

  4. Seven out of ten doesn't cut it for me for a 100 dollar fragrance. And I'm middle aged so I guess I'll have to pass on this one.I like your videos,you don't give any useless information and you're fast ,so it's worthwile watching them!

  5. The Book Incarnate

    Yes, indeed. This fragrance really reminds me of 1 million. But only one difference though. I sense more masculinity in Invictus than in 1 million. Not saying I didn't get the bubblegum vibe because I really did. I can picture wearing this to get a date at a club or a bar… This fragrance, to me, gets a 7/10. I thought Givenchy's Pi bothered my nose, but I went to Ulta and DAMN!

  6. Reactions Raymond

    Can you do a video reviewing the pride of rome.im telling you it is the best cologne there is and the smell will last all day,possibly up to two days so please can you try to find it and review it. 

  7. Definitely got a lot of compliments wearing Invictus. Initially I did get a headache once. Its a fragrance that is "loud" (projection) enough to get over the typical bar smells. Also it seems to be a winter fragrance as well.

  8. To me, it smells like Lacoste Blanc.

  9. i smelled this one several times, but i is not a nothing special to me – smells like hundreds of frag I seen on the market

  10. Love the new intro! You have great videos man, been very helpful to me during the start of my fragrance journey :)

  11. I agree with this one being for the younger generation. I am 47 and could in no way ever seeing myself pulling this off without looking like I was desperately trying to recapture my youth. Other people's mileage may vary. 

  12. Testing this one out now and it is AWFUL!! It smells like a mix between Gucci Guilty and Thallium but worse than both. The prominent notes to my nose are grapefruit, bay leaf, and patchouli. The Marine Accord is extremely nauseating in this one to me. A definite pass. Thanks for the review! Now do Nuit d'Issey!

  13. Have you smelled L'homme ideal by Guerlain yet? Not to bad…

  14. That Shirt Though…

  15. Awesome! I've been waiting for this review. Thank you so much for doing it. Really helped the choice to not go with it yet

  16. Hey man, quick question, whats your thought on its dry down? Bc I absolutely LOVE the smell within the hour or so of spraying, but after that, I feel like it dries down into just this mediocre sea water smell. Is that what you get too? or is my nose just tripping?

  17. could u do a review on perry ellis night and the new perry ellis 

  18. China's High End EDC

    Love the shirt.  Such a good show.  I really wish they would have done a couple more seasons.  I cant wait for the saul spin off.

  19. Anders Kittilsen

    youre such a good reviewer! Its all feels so personal. And you find that middleground, where its personal/professional. 
    anyways. I actually prefer 1 mill over invictus. 1 mill is quite special, and this feels like a synthetic messy copy. it reminds me og jaguar vision:/ lol

  20. That music!!!!!

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