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Invictus by Paco Rabanne Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Vicente Ortiz Jr.

    Smells great,and you are right that performance is good!!Playful&sexy as well!You do great reviews!!

  2. Invictus is great! I had the set with the lotion, after shave, and the bottle of cologne itself; all three have a long lasting smell that just about everyone loves. Sadly my bottle was stolen, so now I have to buy a new bottle

  3. I don't see why reviewers reduce this fragrance….. This fragrance is great here in Africa……. I've never seen one single person who doesn't like it. Longevity great….projection good, people smell it. Great work scent….cuz is not so strong or offensive like one million. It's a great fragrance, and the bottle looks very well on any shelf.

  4. Just bought it, and it smells so good in my skin, so fresh n sweet.

  5. Yeah, to be honest, when i tried it for the first time, i got complimented by a gorgeous woman.. (way out of my league! lol). So.. Even though it's not my favorite, it still draws people in. Also, i was at Macy's the other day, smelling different colognes, and most of those smelling sticks laying around were of Invictus lol! Hope you do a video on the newer cologne, Givenchy: Gentlemen only, Casual chic :) I smelled that new one, and it's very clean! Got a few compliments already.


  7. Just bought mine with 7 others, this one really stands out, in a good way, from all the others i have. (except for maybe Polo Blue, my favorite)

  8. Great review nice breakdown. This smells better than One Million in my opinion 

  9. Smells too much like 1 million to me… 

  10. I have it and I wasn't too impressed. it's okay but for me it just doesn't jump out. i'll still wear it since I own it but not a whole lot. Love your videos and your vocab. Be blessed!

  11. checked it out cool Check out my vid subbed sub back :)

  12. Get compliments from so many people every time I wear this. Shocking love 1 million more, but the compliments are about the same!!!!

  13. I bought mines last night I absolutely love it smells soo sooo good

  14. Great fresh/sweet smell for the colder weather ! But wow, go easy on the trigger with this frag. 1-2 sprays for me will last 8-10 hrs and it projects VERY well for 3 hours. Any more sprays than that and it gets cloying(On my skin anyways)

  15. Awsome cologne. have had it for more than year and it works well in cool weather. if u like sweets scents, u'd love this one

  16. Emmanuel Salalac

    Thanks Steve for such another informative and great review. 

  17. How long does cologne last 

  18. Yes on the unisex. I wear it and it works perfectly on my skin. It smells great.

  19. "If you already own 1 Million this would be a redundant purchase." Just the phrase I wanted to hear. I just bought 1 Million and was thinking of purchasing this. I'll hold off for now.

  20. Forever Eastside

    This has to be one of the top five my collection. I get compliments literally everywhere I go with this on. If you don't have it I highly recommend it for your collection.

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