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Introducing Calyx Fragrance by Clinique | Sephora

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  1. MedicineLover 15

    the bottle of the perfume is a little dissapointing

  2. It was prescriptives but since prescriptives isn't available in stores they brought it back under Clinique. Probably owned by the same company (maybe Estée Lauder?)

  3. WOW I used Calyx by Prescriptives in High School! I LOVED that scent!! I will have to go test it again! :)

  4. Wow Clinique has calyx now? Awesome!!

  5. Calyx was prescriptives……… what changed where is prescriptives??

  6. I remember wearing this when Prescriptives carried it. 💕

  7. I love this scent!! Been wearing it for years so glad to see it in sephora!!

  8. Princess Brittany

    An old fav of mine!

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