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Introducing Bethany Mota Fragrance

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  1. Come on Beth, she took your necklace

  2. Awesome editing!

  3. Im a girl anyways

  4. I got Bethany perfume

  5. I watched this video

  6. I love Bethany mota

  7. OMG this perfume is amazing! I love it Beth!??

  8. I have the perfume!!!

  9. I love bethany so much 

  10. Where's the Carmel macaroon

  11. im so going to get one


  13. Beth liked

  14. What about the caramel macaroon you can't just go and leave it at counter!!!

  15. This is my first and favorite perfume I have ever used! Got one yesterday at the mall and I love it!

  16. Two things that were weird
    -she left without her caramel macaroon
    -she sprayed the perfume right in her face and not on clothes
    But it was creative so no hate, just side commenting?

  17. if that happned in real life i would never go in the curtin to see a random person that i did not even know talk about scary

  18. like if you are watching this in 2015

  19. I think these are the few perfume ads which are actually sweet and cute!!! 

  20. 1:17 to 1:20 walking back to claim her caramel macaroon and her necklace

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