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Intimately Beckham!

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  1. ‫רועי כהן‬‎

    Hi can i have your e-mail for a business Proposal?

  2. love love love love this perfume !!!!!

  3. dont be jealous that he is way more fabulous than u !!!!

  4. gay cunt

  5. It smells so good

  6. is the bottle your holding a 50ml or a 75ml just out of interest? i love it too just bought it online, its perfect!

  7. I LOVE Intimately Beckham! Your review is spot on. I've been wearing it for the past year and it's the perfect fragrance for winter evenings. I own a lot of high end perfumes like Bulgari and Versace but this is my favourite perfume! I've only ever repurchased two perfumes in my whole life: Amor Amor by Cacherel and this one. It's gorgeous :)

    And don't let the hatred get you down! If you want to wear women's perfume wear it! Its about what you feel comfortable with and haters are people who a

  8. @KmerWannabe95 haha why do u think!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @PierreBouvierIsMyMan Yeah he said… "Yeah baby, i've got this perfume and i love it!"

  10. @BbyILoveYouForever Why are you calling him or her a fucking idiot? R u serious?

  11. @KmerWannabe95 Because I don't like the colognes….

  12. fucking gay you don`t deserve to hold that in you're hands drop that imideately!!

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