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Intimately Beckham Men by David Beckham – Fragrance Review

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  1. the bottle is really a representation of the scent..class =3

  2. Bottle look great

  3. It looks great the botltle

  4. Can you open the botltle i mean remove the duster

  5. My cologne cost 230 lol its signed and i get it from my couzin lol

  6. it reminds me of an old discounted scent: gucci rush. Both of them smells a lot of ginger and both of them are very masculine and a little bit old school. I can describe both of them as the most sexy fragrance i've ever smelled.

  7. Great Work scent for sure!

  8. I get that this smells like a way weaker version of La Nuit de L'homme by YSL. in some cases you may want that because La Nuit can be a bit much in some places. It is damn powerful. This sits close to the skin so it has an advantage there. Maybe a good work scent where you don't want to offend people

  9. Yeah, this is a good one!

  10. best cheapy fragrance i have used.

  11. GPH II… as for being a tea based fragrance, surounded by sme spiciness!
    Def. a great cuddle fragrance!

  12. I dont see the comparison with Gucci Pour homme sorry. This is more like Dirty English meets Vera Wang. The tea, cardamon, cognac i agree with. possibly a good cuddle up fragrance.

  13. Thank you for watching and comment!

  14. It smells like a cheap version of Dolce & Gabbana's The One

  15. ThankQ for the great review. Cheers… =)

  16. @vmendonc It is bottle of instinct but the smell is great

  17. @ProdByFoPBeatzz Oh wow, that's a crazy deal!!
    How did you like it?

  18. Got a bottle for $8.00 at local dollar store

  19. on sale @ shoppers now! for $20!

  20. @vmendonc That's for sure. But as it is it's already much better than some higher designer fragrances out there.

    No man, thank YOU 😉

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