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Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Is this a winter season Cologne?

  2. Has anyone tried the Dolce and Gabbana velvet line Dessert oud? Someone has to review that. Shit is amazing !

  3. I just picked up a bottle from marshels surprisingly to see it there. I sampled when it hit the retail market. I will where it only on a very cold winter day or when I'm stressed. I find this fragrance to be very aromatic and very calming in nature.


    I tried a sample of intenso and i love it.its not overpowering at all, im confident when i have it on… perfect for me. 

  5. Steve with in 1 hour on my skin I can barely smell it do you know if anyone else has this issue 

  6. you remind of Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5!!

  7. Thank you for making this. I was very excited to go try this (on my way to cologne shop now), but will not be buying it, as I'm in the process of quitting smoking and this has tobacco in it. Also, I don't do grains, so bran is not good for me. And I'm also allergic to grasses, so hay means I'm out. So glad I watched this. Your video is incredibly informative and exciting to watch. It's too bad they don't make Gucci Envy anymore. 😞 I loved that cologne!

  8. i used to own the vintage and this is nearly the same fragrance man..the common man or woman wouldn't be able to smell the difference..it has a slight different vibe but this fragrance is awesome..i own a lot's of fragrances but this one is a masterpiece got so many compliments too btw

  9. i agree with almost everything you stated—just the tobacco in any scent gets me all the time. 8.0, definitely a potential signature for me after i smelled it and bought it a week ago. thanks for the review

  10. I just tried this fragrance, and the only "intense" i get from it is Lavender… and more lavender.
    There is zero masculinity in this fragrance, it smells like my old bottle of Ferrari that i ended up giving away
    because it gave me a headache and wasn't my taste.   Now ihave to go scrub my arms and apply some Pour Homme Parfum or Pure Malt… to get rid of the stench of Intenso.

    My advice to anyone interested in this, test it before buying – i'm glad i did.

    PS.  It's getting ripped apart on Fragrantica.

  11. Cool review Steven. nice attire, thnX for respecting us that much! :D

  12. Great review. Just curious though, when you say that this fragrance has two notes that have never been used in a fragrance before, do you mean never in a Dolce and Gabbana fragrance or in any fragrance in general? Tobacco is used in nearly every DG fragrance, but this is probably the first time hay has been used in a DG fragrance. 

  13. Steven, have you ever done or thought of doing a "top rated fragrances" video? for example, overall rating and/or rating without the box and presentation included

  14. Great Review Steven.  New note accords that have not been covered or that are new to the fragrance community always interest me.

    It would have been nice if you had focused a bit more on them and told us your opinions of them and how or if they made the fragrance a bit unique.

    Instead you commented a bit on the differences between Intenso and Pour Homme.  You said that they were close enough that if you owned Pour Homme already that it would be duplicitous to own them both.

    But the real question is whether if you are someone like me that owns neither and you wanted to drop $90 which of the two would you recommend choosing over the other.  You never said that I would chose this one over that one or vice versa and I think that your opinion on the matter would be helpful to those of us "choosing".

    Indeed, outside of approaching this fragrance from the majesty of your collectors position.  Most of us that aren't involved in the study of cultural modeling via aroma might be interested in knowing if Intenso is a wearable fragrance worth $90 or if the money could be better spent.

    It must be acknowledged that you are one of the 400 frag club members that I actually respect though there are a few others.  Still,  the majority of your subscribers and followers would be interested in frgrances that are usable and wearable instead of collectible.  Lets put a mid size 4.2 ounce bottle up for reference as well as a 5 year time limit.  Im suggesting that this is a fragrance you could wear 20 times a year for 5 years and get 100 uses out of for $87 or probably $100 after tax, shipping, or whatever.  If this were not a "collectible"; Sir, do you see most regular fragrance aficionados liking this enough over the other frags in this price range to pull it 20 times a year for the next 5 years.

    I think $1 a day and 100 uses from a bottle is a nice baseline adjacent reference point to start to attempt to ascertain "value" and of course by this I mean value in usability rather than relation to "collecting".  If you had to limit your purchases to 2 a month with expectations that you would drain the bottle in the next 5 years then would this be one of them?

    Obviously you wouldn't want to own both Pour Homme and Intenso.  So if this were one of them and you couldn't have both then which would you choose if you even decided to choose one at all.  I love your rating sytem except for the fact that you don't assign value to part of your ratings of a fragrance.  But I think it would help us if you would do a video about it.

    10 might mean masterpiece worthy of any collection whether for usability or as a collector.  And 9 might mean strong, worthy purchase, that most would enjoy.  And 8 might mean, a good solid buy usually recommended if it fits your needs.  While 7 might mean, a buy in certain circumstances if it holds an interest for you for a specificity of occasion or viability.  A 6 might mean, recommended for a few and for highly specific reasons.  And 5 might be avoid unless you have a very particular interest.  And you could go all the way down to 0 which would be worst buy you could ever make and you might as well flush $50 down the toilet or hit your frag with an axe like man loves cologne did recently.

    7 kind of sits on the fence.  And I don't know what to think about it.  You liked it but weren't enthused and yet you seemed to think Dolce and Gabanna Pour Homme was a buy or placeholder in any collection.

    I love your review on notes and quality.  A little clarification where it sits on the value side as being worthy of purchase would be appreciated.

  15. I just purchase this fragrance.  Excellent. Really really like, and compliments. Excellent review, Steven. Thanks.

  16. still waiting for top ten winter designer list.

  17. My next fragrance is going to be Dolce and Gabbana's The One: Desire. I will also be reviewing perfumes in the near future but I will be weaving rales and giving the fragrance personalities…. would you watch that? Also you once recommended a Bulgari fragrance to me when I was Peri Brown…. but I cannot remember what it was …. you also said you would give me more reccomendations. And YAY the beard is back!

  18. D&G PH was my signature fragrance in the late 90's along with Allure Homme. Still enjoy D&G PH and would rate it 8.5/10. With 408 unique frags in my collection, I'm not buying this new one. I'm selective as I'm running out of space :-) Cheers Claus

  19. I will test this if it releases in my town, but i probably won't buy it.
    I prefer masculine fragrances and D&G simple doens't make them.

    Happy New Year !.

  20. Great review Stephen. I own this fragrance and interestingly enough, I did not like the original Dolce and Gabbana pour Homme as I didn't like the combination of citrus and tobacco notes. This one, however, I do like. Instead of citrus notes of the top, I got a sweeter/lighter opening with lavender and sweet tobacco as the scent evolved. I probably like this more than Stephen. It does remind me a bit of Chergui, but I find Chergui to have this sickly sweet thickness to it, whereas I find this has a cleaner/soapy scent to it.

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