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Instinct by David Beckham Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  2. This smells cheap and synthetic gave my bottle away.

  3. LiverpoolFC YNWA

    also it would be awesome if we can smells online. Come on technology!

  4. LiverpoolFC YNWA

    I actually met him in the US and don't he smells really good 😉 no homo

  5. I agree with all your terms to describe this.  Clean, fresh, masculine are all the descriptions.  I like to use this for formal dinners, when i dress up in a professional setting, etc.  Its not my first choice to wear when, say, going out because i think of it as more of a clean cut professional smell as opposed to a seductive, sexy sweet smell.  Of course, it COULD be used if you go out, and may well get complimented.  But i agree this is more of a formal, classy, professional scent as opposed to a "panty wetter" fragrance.

  6. TheConstantHater

    1 hour remaining guys on wowcher, £13 for 75ml 

  7. Hate it when Americans call football 'soccer'.

  8. I found a 2.5 ounce bottle at Ross for $12.99. 

  9. I have thought about purchasing this several times. Doesn't sound bad at all. The only frag from his house I own is David Beckham Homme. I do love the spicy pepper in it.

  10. Thanks! I'm glad to be back. I hope all is well.

  11. good to see you`re back man. love your reviews. will look in to this fragrance :)

  12. Haha…thanks for watching, Sebastian! I hope all is well.

  13. Have not smelled any Beckham's yet Prob best to stay away! LOL! Great review!

  14. Thanks for watching, Ryan! Aside from compliments and versatility, this one may not be to your liking. What I'm trying to say is that you don't need to go out of your way to smell it. Thanks again!

  15. Okay. That's pretty silly then that they would release an exclusive fragrance but no no physical location from which to buy it. Thank you for letting me know!

  16. Thanks for the video Steven. Never smelled this one. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. We all like compliments. Thx for the vid.

  17. Le Labo replied,they don't have any boutique or corner in Dubai now.
    they may open within year 2014.
    they told me to order online.

  18. Hey, there! It's a bolder composition than many, but I wouldn't agree that it performs very well in terms of projection and longevity. Thank you very much for all of the kind words. I'm happy to have you as a subscriber. I've reviewed Midnight in Paris a few months ago! I hope you enjoy my review! Keep in touch.

  19. Hmmm… I don't know if I would put this in the top 5. From what I've sampled, this has potential, but there are also a lot of other celebrity fragrances that I haven't smelled. I have been hearing good things about Intimately Beckham, but I've never smelled it. That one might have more potential to make the list than Instinct. Thanks for watching.

  20. Really strong for me and cant really find use for it accept the gym, his other fragrances like Signature which is nice and fresh (super clean). Even with light application this was still too strong and dies down really quickly on my skin, I guess the gym would be the best place for this one.
    Dude your presentation is always on point, enjoy your reviews. I've bought a few from your reviews and haven't been disappointed … do your thang!!!
    Also whats your "Fragnosis" for MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

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