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Infusion d’Iris VS Infusion d’Homme by Prada Review ★ Happy Fragrance Friday ★

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  1. Have you compared d iris with Amber pour homme

  2. Thanks to both you and Katie Putrick's high regard for Infusion d'Iris, I purchased a large sample of this. It arrived on Monday, and it is now Wednesday and the sample is gone.
     I just purchased a FB. I think I am in love. I feel like a movie star/princess when I wear it. I think this is something Grace Kelly would have worn:)


  4. Natty you look stunning I love the lashes on you and your filming area is perfect. Love what your wearing and your makeup I think everything comes together perfectly :)♥

  5. Ada Solly Styling

    Sounds Devine.

  6. PS you look gorgeous with or without your false lashes! :-)

  7. Natty I am so going to try Prada Infusion d'Iris and I also think I may like the Chanel one you mention too. Haha like the comparison between the cuddly mamma and the slightly more sophisticated one! :-) Helen xo

  8. Excellent reviews by you and Lanier. Unfortunately, I'll have to pass on these estrogen bombs. (lol)

  9. The infusion d'homme might smell off because it could be old and/or might have been stored improperly while in the store/warehouse – I experienced a similar problem when buying Prada Amber Homme from fragrancenet and it smelled off – I looked up the batch code and discovered it was several years old so I returned it.


  10. AGentlemansJourney

    Shame on you for bashing Infusion d'Homme. I give you the cold shoulder Mrs. Patel…and so does Neila 😛  Not everyone is going to like everything now :)

  11. Hey Natty I've ordered my bottle of d'iris edp based on your review can't wait to get my mitts on it ?

  12. I have been looking forward to this one!! Oh you are so kind to give me a plug! (Big HUG) Oh I get it now… d'Homme is way to austere for you.. It must have a much larger does of Iris?? YES Chanel No.19 Poudre is wonderful…have you smelled pure No.19?  A pure green heaven. No.22  is a great Iris as well as La Pausa from Les Exclusifs and 31 Rue Cambon …there are some wonderful Iris' out there for you. Ah…. the end…you are a luv, a darling and a friend. xoxo

  13. I just bought Infusion d'Iris for my sister for her birthday and she loved it! (Thanks to one of your earlier videos where you talked about this)Totally new to frags and I'm intrigued on this Infusion d'Homme. I may have to go get a sniff of this just to see. Would this be considered a flanker? Great video nice to hear honest thoughts on a fragrance. Keep doing what you do. 

  14. My first review with false lashes… didn't apply them properly… stinging… can barely hold my eyes open… sticky glue everywhere… I think love them.

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