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Infusion de Vetiver by Prada Fragrance/Cologne Review (2010)

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  1. still remember your Infusion D'homme review, one of your earliest reviews. Really disappointed that this lacks proj + longevity. I am a huge fan of soapy frags, and too bad they don't sell it in bottles as big as my head anymore.

  2. What century are we gonna see Aventus or Tuscan leather?

  3. Good review

  4. I prefer Vetivers with some strong Vetiver. Bummer

  5. I can comment because I've actually owned this one! The operative phrase being, used to. Being someone that really enjoys Vetiver I was looking forward to owning this one. But alas, was pretty disappointed. It smells like a watered down gin and tonic. If I wanted to smell like a gin and tonic, I'd knock back a few instead.

    Verdict: traded.

  6. True, if you expect Vetivers to be dark, sharp and smoky, IdV might not be the right pick. IdV is all about vetiveryl acetate, a derivate that gives it this grapefruity, yet woody vibe. If you haven't yet, try Molecule 03, its only note is vetiveryl acetate. While IdV is not much of a classic vetiver scent, it is a vetiveryl acetate bomb.

    On me it performs quite okay, I wouldn't consider this as being weak. And not as being bland either – frozen grass sprinkled with tard grapefruitjuice and pepper… it's simple, true, but yet so nice. I'm at my second bottle.

    I tried the rerelease (only on paper, though), it seemed quite a bit different from this version, more dense.

  7. Yeah, I'm actually surprised you gave it 4 bottles on the projection and 6 for projection…you're a very generous guy. My skin eats this stuff up, too.

  8. @robes08, can you write in here what is it that you said in French at 24:30?

  9. Here is my comment………

  10. I was wondering about this one the other day. Thanks for the review and salient notes!   Your comments about "restrained notes" – very interesting!

  11. Danny Stojanovski

    Nice review. Keep up the good work Marc.

  12. I can't wear this Infusion not to often because of your reasons. It is "overperfect" and "overclean" and that's not suitable for a Encre Noire or Nassomatto wearer. BUT it is still a good fragrance for people who don't want to be too much "special"

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  14. I think the reason for th the parfum upgrade may be so your wife and the bozos on the bus will notice.

  15. Marc, just to leave you a note letting you know that I am watching. Enjoyed the review. I really enjoy the Infusion d'Homme, which is on my fragrance rotation year round.

  16. Have to disagree with the performance problem. this particular one is the only fragrance that I got stopped and enquired about by a girl. I do like this a lot.

  17. Hey Marc !!
    Like your reviews man.. But the selection of perfumes for reviews recent times is bit on downside not much interesting stuff. Hope you do some good ones.

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