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In Motion Edition Black by Hugo Boss Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. I can't find this edition iin black neither in blue! Where can i find it some site that is secure and send to europe? Can you guys help me?

  2. Randal Dominguez

    Does this smell a little bit like Givenchy Play?

  3. Giftedangelboii92

    Is it sweet smelling or strong? The way he explains it is like it's sweet. I'm looking for an alternative of Cool Water or Giorgio Armani

  4. This is nice. I remember them sampling it in Harrods. Lost mine though :(

  5. This sounds really good, I'm a little weary though, since I've heard most of the BIM don't last very long. That and I don't have godly skin like you do lol!

  6. Damn man, i wish i got 8hrs with this,
    Its my fave BIM too,
    Love the frag but i only get around 3hrs with all the BIM frags,
    Cheers man.

  7. I love short and to the point reviews!

  8. @Ragingmetal1 welll…. actually… Selection might be close :)

  9. @Ragingmetal1 yea, it is :)

  10. Great review Cubby I really like these bottles and always wanted to pickup at least one but was never sure which to try, ill defiantly check this one out

  11. Yeah is this your favorite Hugo boss scent?

  12. Would you say this is your favorite fragrance from hugo boss? Or do you prefer boss bottled or orange man? I forgot which one is your favorite. thanks for the review.

  13. @MrGeranio1997 yeah, its available at online stores. :)

  14. @aidenryu definitely! IMO, this one is the best of the in motions and it least like the rest of them. It's definitely worth trying out because of its natural orange/bergamot notes.

  15. @bpwool yeah! :) The in motions aren't bad. This one def the best to me.

  16. @robes08 nice! I just finished watching your electric video actually! haha. i will have to try to find it

  17. Yeah man. Another Boss review! I haven't tried the flankers of In Motion, but they are certainly gonna be on my try list. Still love the original In Motion as a winter fragrance.

  18. thanks cubby for doing this, i don't have this one yet so I might check it out . My fav. from the line is def. Electric (discontinued) which has a great tea note

  19. The boss in motion bottle reminds me of the horror movie "phantasm"

  20. @cformosa4 I am scared to ask, but, Whats a pokeball?

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