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I’m telling you…..It’s just sexy!!!! Fendi review

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  1. I'm Happy your back Beautiful… 

  2. http://m.fragrancenet.com/fendi-fan-di-fendi-perfume/fendi/womens-fragrances/wf/en_US/22303 MsKianna you introduced us to sooooo many awesome sites to find AFFORDABLE high end things! I'm looking forward to the new year of your channel!

  3. You look amazing! Your make-up along with the hair & the stark white shirt! You are banging! Keep it up!

  4. MsLadyBluesWorld

    I might try to purchase this perfume I love my smellies lol but I need some real perfume like those tho;))

  5. I missed u, sis <3 love n light :)

  6. Gucci Rush has that same effect! !

  7. You look so pretty in this video.  Love love love your hair.

    Sis, i feel ya, I'm a fragrance addict too.  I'll have to check out this one!

  8. Gurl, for that being a "steppin' out perfume" you sure have stepped out a bunch…lol wink! I started watching your videos while learning about my upcoming wls. How many months are you post surgery? How much have you lost so far? You look great in this vid. I like your hair. It makes you look younger and fresher.

  9. Love Fendi!

  10. Looking good SIS :-)

  11. Lolololololol yessss sis haha I thought I was the only one felt that wayy haha sexyyy

  12. Hi Kiana! I would love to see some more makeup tutorials from you. Id also love to see some of your money saving grocery hauls. 

  13. Tammi im really just Tammi

    you know what……i really really really really really like u…….i used to skim your vids back when i heard tina mention u in a negative light but praise God that I see u in your own positive light with nothing in my ear…..you are outstanding and im glad u feel good….be and stay encouraged. you are honest and likable on all ends and you have a new fan.Oh and yes..your heart is more important than calories! i cried when u spoke of never truly mourning things…..me too..i have fed my grandmas death and the verbal abuse from my dad….the kids calling me fat…the adults calling me fat now that im grown! just thank u thank u thank u…..i showed my husband your video and the one about the chinese people laughing to let him see just how i feel…when u said that just one word can shatter your day…yesssss……but much love and thanks again! 

  14. You just DON'T KNOW how happy i am!
    Thank you for coming back!!!!

  15. Welcome Back Lady K You Look Great!!!!!

  16. Say hi to Na-Na and Poodie for me sis!!!

  17. damn sis welcome back and may I say you look freakin awesome makeup is hollering I'm on point now what lol

  18. Hey sis, glad that you are back. I have missed you. I dont do YouTube like that much but I have been working out as well. You have to see the progress that I have been making. I am starting to look different feel different to. Go check it out

  19. Yes more reviews. I personally feel fragrance should be a requirement for both male and females don't go a day without it my self. Tfs

  20. DiamondLife Cavalli

    Love Fendi, it's a Grown Woman fragrance!!!! tfs

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