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I love Aveda Chakra 4 and Brilliant emollient

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  1. Ashleigh Zeller

    I have been a member for years and have not gotten a perfume?

  2. Somewhere OnlyWeKnow

    have you checked out nest fragrances?

  3. TheHopperstein

    I have rare Aveda chakra for sale on eBay right now.
    In a crystal bottle from France

  4. oh and the scent…? you forgot to mention how nice the scent is.. I love all of Aveda's perfumes and scents, they transport you to another time and place!

  5. I just recently graduated from the Aveda Institute Houston Campus and just wanted to comment on the Brilliant line that you had mentioned! The spray on shine is such a wonderful product. Especially after straightening or curling your hair with a hot tool. A lot of times the damage that comes from styling with heat takes the shine from your hair. Honestly you only need such a little bit of any of the products in the brilliant line!

  6. Amy… you are absolutely right. Nothing smells like Aveda products.

  7. Simply "talking nicely" could change the world. :-) Enjoy learning about new and unusual products. I would also like for you to do OOTDs.

  8. Amy, I have had a long term love afair with Aveda!! Not a surprize that I like the same products you mentioned. When i use my hair products I shake my head lightly throughout the day just so I can be uplifted by the smell. Oh ! me and my nose!!!! lol Linda BY the way I am going to an Aveda salon tomorrow for haircut, Oh watch out!!

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