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I ♥ Perfume // TAG

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  1. have you tried "so new york" by bond no. 9? it doesn't smell like chai per se, but it has that very soft skin smell you describe; very milky and soft, mixed with just a hint of espresso and a little powderiness and an almost undetectable plum that renders more of a soft sweetness than anything. it's one of my favourite winter scents and i think one of bond no. 9's most overlooked scents! so happy i found your channel – i look forward to watching many more of your videos!

  2. sensi by armani was my favorite perfume ever i have a little and don't use it just for not finished.

  3. I really really liked this video, thanks for sharing

  4. @BookParty! I love how you talk about Chanel Chance. I'm so happy because I just ordered it today. :)

  5. Veryyyyy nice :)

  6. I follow you from Brazil!

  7. I love to see people branching out on their channels.  Sometimes I want to make other videos about different things.  I was going to start another channel but I think I'll just do it all on the same channel.  Thanks for the inspiration.  & I really need some new perfume.  This was helpful! :D

  8. I used "Stella" by Stella McCartney for many many years. I still have a bottle at home, but now I'm really not into perfumes anymore. The only thing I wear is a body oil by NUXE, I love that smell and it's perfect during the summer.
    There's nothing I hate more than people who put too much perfume on (lot of people do here, and they use cheap stinky perfumes). 

  9. OMG! I'm going to do this, I think. 

  10. I love hearing you talk about perfume, you describe them beautifully. My signature scent is actually a cologne for men called Time Bomb. It is super sexy and smokey. But I adore most of Lush's perfumes like Karma, Sikhim Girls, Breath of God, Love, and Ladyboy.

  11. Ich finde das "Chance" von Chanel total klasse :)

  12. I love Bvlgari in the brown bottle (it may have been discontinued), and Therry Mugler Angel. But my current favorite perfume is Flower by Kenzo, soooo good.

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