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Hypnose Homme by Lancome Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Thanks for the video. Do you have some kind of "if you like this, then you'll always like that" recommendation?

    In particular, I'm looking for good and maybe even stronger fragrances with Amber and Patchouli.

  2. Are you Steven or Matisyaho? 

  3. Bought this last year and it's good. Don't reach for it often but may have to re-visit. Nice video!

  4. Benjamin Schmeiser

    You can;t mention Roucel without mentioning LIDG and Lalique pour homme….sacrilegious!    :) Awesome review as always.

  5. i always cringe and shout nooooo when you do those sprays haha

  6. Just noticed you said UPC :)

  7. The best bottle in the designer game. 

  8. I have a bottle, can't stand it, it gave me a headache. I will try again after watching your review. Thanks again

  9. or as Brad (bwpool) would say Lancooomeeey Hypnoseeeey

  10. Stunning review man, i always overlook this one when im out testing frags, must try it sometime,
    Cheers buddy

  11. Another great review!!!! Maybe time to trim the beard?

  12. Great Review…..Have you tried L'Occitane's Amaber & Santal ??
    Amazing Fragrance !!

  13. I couldn't take to this one. I gave it a month before selling. The bottle is awesome though!

  14. I don't like that fragrance.. 

  15. I love this fragrance, got a few drops left in my first bottle, going to buy a new one.
    Women loves this, i've had women smell my neck when wearing this.
    I would say that anyone who is interested in this, give it a test, i think you'll like it.

    I wore it all year around, great for all seasons, at work, clubbing, socializing.

  16. Great review. Completely forgot abt this one. Had a bottle of it not long after its release. May have to get another bottle. 

  17. Hey Steven. Pulled hypnose out of my draw and sprayed it on just before going online not 10 mins ago! Time to see what you think.. Would love to see you review some old classics!

  18. My signature scent.  On skin not the best for me but it works awesome on clothes.

  19. What the….where's the salute?

  20. Great review sir 😉
    Really like the way you articulate and justify your ratings and point of views.
    I hope to see soon two of my favourites Lumiere Noire MFK and Juniper Sling Penhaligon. Keep it up the great job!

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