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Hypnose By Lancome Fragrance Review

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  1. Do you own So Elixir Purple by Yves Rocher and Outspoken by Avon? Both are in dark purple bottles and both quite heavy scented. I have discovered that I like hardier warmer fragrancies. Are there any you can suggest?

  2. It sure will :) Good luck!

  3. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Aw thanks! Well..here's to hoping. I'm still kinda of starting out so, hopefully my channel will grow.

  4. Yup! Just checked them out! Thanks a million <3 I have Hypnose and Hypnotic Poison and I love them!!! Thanks a lot again and please keep up the good work! You definitely deserve more views, wayyy more views! =)

  5. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Hello! Thanks so much! If you check out my reviews of "Midway" "Beaver Moon" "Britney Fantasy" "givenchy Pi" "alien" "angel" "hypnotic poison" & "shalimar" These are all the sweet/vanillary/gourmand fragrances I have reviewed so far. :) I'm slighlty reluctant to do another video talking about them as a group but you have given me an idea! I may do this in future with other groups of scents! Thank you.

  6. Love your videos! Great great description! Could you please do a video on a selection of fragrances that smell kind of like baked goods/cake/cupcakes… just sweet yummy desserts, but not overly sweet, sugary and candy-like ones… I don't know if you got my point, I'm very bad at expressing myself anyway lol thanks a lot in advance <3

  7. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Thank you fellow Fragrantican! :)

  8. Alix Bloom-Collins

    Hey! great review OUCH! And your accent is very lovely. I'm on Fragrantica, too.

  9. Indeed! But I don't know why I smell that note the whole day.
    I really love it, it's smooth yet so different. I wore it when I received an award for my thesis (I went to the ceremony with my mum and she was so proud :D) and then went to a really elegant dinner with some fellow students (at the time) and my University professors. I can't wear it now without remembering that moment.
    Ahhh, the power of smells!

  10. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Yes me too! I mentioned it in the video. It's not likely to be the passionflower as that is very bubblegummy and and smooth kinda? But I do get a slight anise/liquorice vibe from this when the perfume is wet… :)

  11. I don't know if it is the passionflower, but I've always thought I can smell something very anis-like.

  12. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Thank you!

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