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Hugo XY by Hugo Boss Fragrance/Cologne Review (2007)

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  1. I remember the first time i smelled this i regret buying it cuz it didnt live up to how i thought it would be. but i remember taking off a hoodie and smelling it cuz i had sprayed some earlier inside the jacket. and i loved it.. real light lemony or grapefruit type smell . but very light. imo

  2. I just picked up a 2.0 oz for $20 at Tjmaxx in the us, not a bad one to have in the collection, a little generic but still very versatile.

  3. i just started watching your reviews and just wondering have you done a review on aramis by aramis

  4. Anyone ever smell the hugo xy summer?

  5. would you recommend this for a freshman in high school?

  6. how do you recognize if it's real or fake?

  7. could u please review the new hugo boss orange pleasee

  8. @metalica732 just use shazam on your mobile phone. let me think about it – ida corr vs fedde le grand

  9. what's the name of the song marc !!

  10. I have to say watching this again I think it's the mint going against the fruitiness that really makes this cologne so interesting and attractive to me its really hard to put your finger on what this is doing but it just clashes very well

  11. love xy too bad its so hard to find nowday I found a small bottle yesterday that I picked up for 20 at a ross gonna be sad when its gone :/

  12. Hello Mr Mark, my name is Eduardo and i want to give u thanks for your videos because of you i beging my fragances colection, so… i wonder if you can make a video or even give a good advice about a fragance call Energise from Hugo boss, coss a friend of my buy it and he say that it smell good, but at the beginin when he spray it smell a little like a alcohol and i wonder if that is normal, aniway thank you very much Mr Marck, keep the great job

  13. LovelyLittleLullaby

    So Hugo Boss is not that popular in Canada? Because I think here in Sweden Hugo Boss-fragrances are quite popular. But as you say, it's mostly the younger crowd who buys them.

  14. how about the hugo boss dark blue? thank you

    Marcos Vieira, São Paulo – Brazil

  15. Hey Marc. Nice Vid. I'm actually coming across a lot of pear frags lately. Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggars, Andy Roddick, and now XY. I think it's OK, since it's a bit generic on the drydown.

  16. great choice but if you trust me DECLARATION ESSENCE is better 😉
    and after try MUST DE CARTIER you really must have that thing 😉

  17. i think my next cartier will be declaration

  18. Nice review, not too much of a Hugo Boss fan unfortunately. I don't know if I'd consider 4 sprays liberal, though. I always thought 4 was pretty common/average.

    its really something
    like other cartier colognes
    just try MUST DE CARTIER its………….

  20. I've been wanting to try this one for a really long time but I keep procrastinating. I love Roadster and all things minty so this one is definitely still on my list to check out. Thanks for reviewing it.

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