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Hugo Element by Hugo Boss | Fragrance Review

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  1. hugo red

  2. hugo boss red

  3. Benjamin Geoffrey Mann

    Cody would be great to hear your opinion on the new Boss Bottled Intense as a comparison to the original. Would also like to hear your opinions of Boss Man and Boss Orange.

  4. Hey Cody, there's a new Hugo Boss fragrance that was released this month called The Scent. I just saw when I was shopping around Macy's and it smells very good. It would be a great scent to review in the month of August. Please and thank you.

  5. bro what fragrance u recommend fot hot summers…i work in dubai…and its hot all time…whichever fragrance i use gets evaporated quickly without much sillage, including joop homme…please advise

  6. Please do a review on hugo boss selection.

  7. never cared much for Boss fragrances

  8. Cost your reviews are spot on we appriciate the time you take to indulge into the perplexity of each fragrance boss In the red bottle been the best for me 

  9. Great review! Very detailed.

  10. Hugo boss dark blue, its a shame not many reviewed this, as this last good 6 plus hour, i see it as fall and winter fragrance, does project and have received compliment. Boss bottled comes first for me, hugo boss dark blue my second favorite

  11. Awesome review as usual. You have been on the money in each of your reviews. Go ahead and review Perry Ellis 360 green so that I can decide if I should blind buy it.

  12. Panagiotis Sakellariou

    great video


    hi cody,great video,i am glad you are gonna do some reviews from the house of hugo boss.I love boss bottled too,anyway i will suggest you BOSS IN MOTION ORIGINAL and the new BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE.

  14. Great review man! One fragrance that should get more notices on YouTube is Boss Red. A strange and pretty unique fragrance, that has totally flown under the radar on YouTube with the exception of a few reviews.

  15. Great review. Try the Bottled Night :)

  16. Hugo Boss in Motion!

  17. Great review Cody!

  18. hey cody, can you review hugo boss dark blue in the near future?

  19. Cody I have a feeling you might like boss bottled night. You should get your nose on it.

  20. Back in the day Hugo Boss was making quality Nazi uniforms but their scents are mediocre at best.

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