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Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss Cologne/Fragrance Review

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212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz

  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera designer fragrance for Men Eau De Toilette Spray . Adventurous and sensual mark the air for 212 fragrance for men by top designer Carolina Herrera. Fragrance notes: musk, citrus and woods. Perfect for him.

List Price: $ 85.00 Price: $ 34.90

Hugo Bottled Intense 3.3 Mens Cologne

  • 3.3 oz Eau De Toilette Spray
This fragrance was released in 2015. A fantastic addition to the Boss Bottled collection of scents. This edition is a luscious spicy woodsy blend. You will find little hints of sweetness and a powdery side with this cologne. The top notes are orange blossom green apple and bergamotte blossom. The heart notes are cinnamon geranium and clove. And the bottom notes are vanilla sandalwood vetiver and white cedar.

Price: $ 45.85


  1. This juice is definitely a compliment magnet..it smells unique and it's definitely not for a shy, gym cologne wearer who wants a typical mens musk or aquatic frag. It smells masculine with a smooth twist. Dont soak in it, but just a subtle 3 sprays before leaving home. Take the bottle with u and 2 or 3 spritzes at about 3pm..This is a dope frag year round

  2. i have it. it sucks monkey balls

  3. Horrible. 

  4. I do agree there's that synthetic vibe, however it is one of my favorites and will definitely restock when I finish the bottle.

  5. 1st time I bought this was back in 2003.. my girlfriend at the time loved it. I did alot of blind buying back then. I still love the stuff. Gotta pick me up another bottle.

  6. I like this fragrance. It smells like sex appeal. :)

  7. like the fact that you review bottles that you want and dont go along with the hot you tube scent if you know what i mean. tim used to do that as well.

  8. I was gonna get it until I saw one of armani's fragrance on sale lol I should have watched the review first lol

  9. I was able to smell this one at a Nordstrom Rack recently. They had a tester there. I thought it was ok…but not something I would purchase.

  10. Lmao….or something.

  11. This is another one I always pass up in tjmaxxx I'll give it a try and see wzup. I was surprised to heart it didn't have hugo boss's trademark apple note.

  12. @cformosa4 Haha, man I wish I didn't have to pay!

  13. I agree that sometimes that "synthetic-ness" is intentional. I think that's particularly true for companies like Hugo Boss or maybe AE/Abercrombie whose target audience are teens and younger people. AE Real is a great example of this.

  14. @warriordiscus7 my hommies don't gotta pay for shit 😛 LOL

  15. i like this one,it gets me noticed all the time

  16. @AP0LL0edc Same here dude, when I first tried it, I hated it. Now I just love it from top to bottom, should be a few days and I'll have a bottle!

  17. @warriordiscus7 … same here! Platinum Egoiste really grew on me. At first I didn't like it. Now I get it's rich, deep vibe. Cubz is the man!

  18. I smelled the opening of this and really liked it but wasn't sure if I should have pulled the trigger on it based on some reviews I heard about it…gonna give it a try soon though

  19. Haha, I can tell this one is one of your favorites! LOL Oh yeah, thought I'd mention that I'm picking up platinum egoiste, and I never would have until I got that sample from you. So thank you, yet F YOU FOR MAKING ME SPEND MONEY!!! JK thanks for the review man, and thanks for opening my eyes to another great chanel fragrance.

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