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Hugo by Hugo Boss Fragrance/Cologne Review (1995)


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  1. got a bottle today this stuff is awesome, i dont have cologne friendly skin so i was surprized  at how well it is performing on me.this will be in heavy rotation this summer 2015 along with thierry mugler cologne, dior dune, lacoste style in play and blanc 12 12 as well as eternity and i cant forget my latest and maybe my favorite right now 1 million cologne the 2015 release in clear bottle man thats a  Beast on me

  2. I love your videos…..straight from Africa.. This fragrance is great, I'm 24,  it doesn't smell dated at all. I love the feeling of this fragrance, it reminds me a bit of Cartier Rodster. This is a BEAST on me somehow, whether Boss Bottled doesn't perform on my skin, weak projection, projects only when I get into a Car with very good Air Con, or a place with great air con. I have close to 40 frags, with ultra zest by TH. Mugler….pure haven….etc etc… But I like this one…

  3. My liquid/ bottle is blue and has a sour smell to it.

  4. robert jirgensen

    My favorite since High School

  5. I really enjoy your reviews. They are always very informative.

  6. You should really get a mic! It would transform your videos.

  7. Scent is ok but very weak on my skin, longevity is under 1 hour for me, complete waste of time, great review tho!

  8. This is one colonge I never try that's been around I might give it a peak 

  9. Much of the love definitely comes from memories of youth. This was launched at the time my husband got old enough to wear a fragrance, and so it is his all-time favourite. He will never not love it.

    I must agree that Boss 1995 is a pleasant scent, not as chemical-ish as many others (especially CK's). However, it is definitely not my top pick for men's everyday.

  10. all this before Creed threw all the mediocrity into touch with their mass-appeal scent, which we all know the name of , of course =]

  11. my personal classic fragance, bought it like 10 years ago, and i just bought another bottle 1 month ago :)

  12. слишком много пиздит

  13. Stevethebadgerman

    so much better than Boss Bottled!

  14. I love this stuff !! I wore it everyday for years !!

  15. Nice vid. This One still is Big in Germany, maybe because of style of clothing here Or because of climate, im Not sure but Thats the Impression i get and for me its a top 10

  16. just bought this im loving it. compared to the aqua di gio and other giorgio armanis this was on a next level in my opinion

  17. Thanks for this review! Good job on keeping it pretty unbiased!

  18. love your vids sir

  19. Just different is amazing i just got it smells soooooo good deffenitlly worth it

  20. I plan on getting this, have euphoria intense atm

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