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Hugo by Hugo Boss Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Billy Toilembocker

    My nan(RIP) bought me a 100ml bottle when I was 15 years old in the mid 90s. Still remember begging her for it when I was with her at sears! (I knew she would cave LOL). I have a little bit left to this day and still love it. 

  2. This review is spot-on. "Hugo" is regularly dissed by insecure morons desperate to think of themselves as cologne experts, only (I presume) because it came out in the '90's and achieved great popularity. Those are not good enough reasons, if they are even reasons at all.

    The fact is that "Hugo" is a timeless, top rate fragrance which will be in production for many decades. As the reviewer notes, it is unique – there is simply nothing out there that smells like it. In addition, it is masculine, striking and suitable for all ages. And I must say, its power to attract women is truly remarkable.

    By the way, over the years, I have done many blind cologne tests on various women of my acquaintance. For those tests, I spray various colognes (anywhere from half a dozen to around thirty) on sample cards, and then I have the girls (who don't know which cologne they're smelling) rate them on a scale from one to seven.

    I have been amazed to find that "Hugo" consistently wins these tests. It even beats all the "latest, greatest" colognes. My female graders have included relatives, friends, strangers in stories, and romantic partners, and have included females from the age of ten to fifty-six, but no matter the age, they always give it top marks. (That is a marked contrast to most colognes, which elicit very different ratings depending on the age range of the females.) And I would report some of the more primal shows of approval from women once they get a whiff of this stuff, except that modesty – and probably youtube guidelines – forbids it.

    Bottom line is that "Hugo" is a top-class, timeless, masculine fragrance that says, "I got it going on". It's definitely a top ten.

  3. love it.. it`s energising ..my boyfriend already used it all

  4. Hi How are you? You said it "lasts ten or more hours." Really? I just wore it on NY Queens Rainbow Parade … I've sprayed it tons of times, on my neck, waists, and chest … For no more 3 hours, the longevity is gone. Can you explain ??? Thanks
    However, it does smell very fresh and light though, I grant you that

  5. Vignesh Dhakshina

    Going for a blind buy.. Hope its fine.. 

  6. Hi Adrian, How to spot a fake… any tips for Hugo by hugo boss 100 ml..

  7. Yeah the music is great. And great video BTW! I started watching your videos about four months ago but whenever I look up a cologne I always see your videos come up. Keep up the great work!

  8. hey cubby…………the wonderful part of your review is you finish everything in less than 5 mins, at least in majority of cases. when ever i watch a review of more than 10 mins, by the end of it , i used to loss my idea about it and couldn,t able to form a clear opinion. its wonderful that you review it fully, also keep it simple. keep it up dude…

  9. I have this cologne,its great!

  10. It' old and I know it but Hugo is my SOTD so I pulled this Vid and your "What does this remind you of?" i thought Everlast 1910. just saying

  11. I have the real hugo boss and the fake version. The fake one cost $5 but get the real one because it will last more.

  12. I love this cologne! great review..

  13. yey my fave

  14. Awesome fragrance….."like a boss."

  15. hugo is original I'm 30 and being wearing since it came out like 15 years ago lol

  16. Sulaimon Seddiqi

    I had this one. My dad got this for me, just as a gift no holiday, no birthday just a gift. I loved it, sadly it broke when it fell out of bag.

  17. i wish it would last more than 6 hours on my skin :(

  18. @juniorfef its just a song from imovie :)

  19. Hey Cubby, what is the name of the song for this video? I really enjoy it, thanks.

  20. This fragrance does definately not last long. A few friends and I use it, we all agree about the longevity, it does not stay. The fragrance itself is not bad. Thanks for your review.

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