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Hugo Boss The Scent with Marc

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BluntPower 1 oz Glass Bottle Oil Based Concentrated Air Freshener & Oil Burner, Hugo Boss

  • 3 Sprays will Last for Days
  • 100% Oil Based
  • Safe in Oil Burners
  • Potent and Highly Concentrated
  • Great for Car, Home and Office
Exotic, aromatic woods glazed with accents of forest lily , glimmering bergamot and a warm musk.

List Price: $ 6.25 Price: $ 6.98


  1. This intro… Don't you know that a tie has to end and the belt buckle? This looks so awkward :o

  2. very very nice scent. i love the scent but unfortunately it doesn't last on my skin. i only get 4 hours on my skin. Bugo Boss Scent, WHY so expensive but lack of longevity?

  3. I hv a tester for this and I hv actually been in the shop twice to buy it but both times I didn't, I think boss should come up with an intense version as soon as possible cos even though this isn't bad I hate the fact that it doesn't last more than an hour, I love boss but this is disappointing.

  4. This is a horrible scent. Dime a dozen. Like a cheap version of TheOne. I see this hitting the discount store very very soon.

  5. PrinceTai Fragrance

    Hey dude. Awesome! I had the same reaction when I first sprayed that fragrance on my arm. Didn't think much of it. But after about an hour I started getting wiffs of this amazing leather note (I like leather)… that just changed my mind. The fragrance is safe and i felt it smells sexy. Will check with women but I feel so far it is being under-rated (not by you guys). I think your review is very honest especially as you guys just sprayed it. Good work man. Always watching your videos. Peace

  6. Completely average release yet again from Boss. Save your money.

  7. very awerage scent.. not much to say about it. Doesnt stink – thats it. not gonna buy it.

  8. It's too bad that some of the newer frags lack the projection..especially if it gives you that night out vibe…marc's like a bloodhound in the videos you've done together, picking notes off like nobody's business..such an experienced nose.

  9. Great job Chad!

  10. Good review by Mr. Nice and Mr. Niche at least in my mind. I will look into Boss Red but am glad to be warned off of this one.

  11. Chad you need a mani haha

  12. Hollywood Scentstory

    I think this is the worst new release of 2015, possibly Varvatos' dark rebel, but it'd just aweful jus that keeps getting worse as it dries down

  13. I like Hugo boss by huge boss and Hugo boss red and boss unlimited exclusive to Dillards

  14. I really like the bottle presentation dude you set your self apart from others the whole hands on a lot of reviewers don't even show them any more

  15. Sniffed a sample and this is a pass for me. People looking for just a safe, everyday scent: buy Boss bottled, YSL L'homme or Bleu de Chanel.

  16. I just sniffed it from the bottle a did myself the favor of not spraying that disgusting GENERIC shit….it may appeal the masses…certainly that part lacking a hemisphere of their brains….

  17. The Scented Photographer

    Not a fan of this one. Boss bottled absolutely.

  18. marc absolutely hates it lol

  19. Hey it's not too cold now , around 20 degrees today

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