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Hugo Boss Orange Perfume Review

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White Musk - Perfume Oil Mist (8 ml / .27 fl Oz)

  • Fragrance similar to the designer White Diamonds perfume and accented with floral base notes
  • Long lasting; all-day perfume oil in elegant bottle with oil mist pump
  • Alcohol free fragrance better for mind and body
  • For long lasting smell spray and rub on warm areas of body, to put on clothes spray from a distance to form oil mist and avoid oil stain
  • White musk is a light, subtle and velvety fragrance. With floral notes of jasmine, rose, amber and vanilla, the musk is refreshing, warm and soft.
Zoha fragrances are blended in USA using exotic essential oils and fragrance ingredients from around the world. Our perfume oil mists contains no alcohol so the scent is in its purest form and lasts all day long. Our products have earned great reviews and are now available at various chain stores and on-line outlets. Indulge in unique, exotic fragrances and be pleasantly surprised.

Price: $ 9.95


  1. so lazy! if you are not going to make an effort, dont make a review!

  2. TheRocknRollZebra

    worst. review. ever.

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