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HUGO BOSS NIGHT – The Sephora Challenge

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  1. It is not called Night it is called Bottled Night

  2. it's a very nice and a very pleasing smell. It works well both at night and day….i have it on my wishlist :)

  3. Lmfao Dan! Your laugh reminds me of one of my best friends. Theres never a dull moment around him. Always has everyone laughing. You crack me up lol

  4. I think it smells great

  5. Louis Philippe Noël

    I received a sample vial few months ago, I used it and didn't like it, but I don't know why, I poured the liquid with a scented free cream… and it make a good after shave that I like the scent 😀

  6. You can really tell you have fun in this family! I have this scent as well. When I bought it I thought it was fresh and clean smelling too. In hindsight it wasn't that good of a buy at it was a bit too soapy for me and at "night", I want to put on something else rather. Good Sephora challenge review, though!

  7. HUGO BOSS HAS a BALDESSARINI LINE(baldessarini ceo on h boss) 9 colognes  i belive, and they have a BALDESSARINI AMBRE heard that rivals with the one dng

  8. The stuff doesn't smell good..it is really just ok..it really smells cheap, at least to me.Happy holidays! Nyc happy family! :-)

  9. LOL, love the family, Dan. Love your videos. 

  10. A night fragrance for the 'Land of the Midnight Sun'… LOL!!! Great stuff… Yeah it is a nice none offensive scent… Not something that should be dubbed "Night" though I agree… The end was great getting the fam' involved… ^_^

  11. Such a great family bro. Lucky man :) great video guys as always. 

  12. This one just smelled like nothing to me. Nothing remarkable. Nothing discernable. Just nothing. Juice like this is the pitfall of the designer game.

  13. "keeps you smelling Fresh" Please basenoter and fraganticans please listen to the man here….This is Freshshshshsh… and great for the General consumer as per Dan……Great video Dan and Beautiful Family man you have there..God bless

  14. Loving The Sephora Challenge, can't wait for the next fragrances! Good work Dan.

  15. Funny vid. U got some cool kiddos. 

  16. Funny vid. U got some cool kiddos. 

  17. I haven't smelled this one, but I do usually like the Hugo Boss freshies. Nice video.

  18. Hugo Boss Midnight in Alaska

  19. LOL, you guys crack me up! Loved it! It's a really good smelling frag but because of performances issues it is not one of my favorites.

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