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Hugo Boss Bottled Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. you look like Matt Mcgorry from Orange is the new Black :P

  2. "feel that woody base"

  3. You might think this strange but I use this Boss 6  and Hugo  I put a spray of one on one side and one spray of the other on the other side of my neck and they really compliment each other.  

  4. hi der can you recommend me a legit perfume seller in ebay,i just really cant wait for hugo boss unlimited to be release in my place…..

  5. I love this stuff. Been wearing it off and on since 2001, and have 300 ML worth of it in the arsenal right now. Even after nearly a decade and a half I still find myself blown away by it. I don't care for Hugo by Hugo Boss at ALL, but Boss No. 6 is just amazing.

    BTW your vids are awesome!!!

  6. Do all sizes have the metal lid?

  7. jonas van de vyver

    damn never tought you could talk that much about ONE perfume bottle ;d 

  8. Quick question, does anyone know if boss bottled night smells the same or not?

  9. wow 15 big sprays and I already can smell it on my skin, glad its cheap

  10. I'd post a URL to a picture but YouTube won't let me… sorry!

  11. How do you tell a knockoff from a real one? I bought this one from a guy selling them, saying the store went bankrupt and they are dumping inventory… All looked legit, until I smelled it — really seems suspicious… Called Hugo Boss"Collector's Pack"– has a picture of a black bottle on the bottle itself and HUGO printed diagonally… thanks!

  12. I've bought this quite a few times. Still got a 200ml bottle. It is indeed a all-timer and i never encountered anything better. Its definitly the best..

  13. Orlando Calderon

    Great review !!! Keep them coming

  14. it's everlasting success

  15. Just bought this. Never smelled it before. :) I read every review on BaseNotes and decided that I was missing out. I love the way this smell was described. Coming in the mail Monday :3

  16. I feel like a boss all the time so this must be my cologne.

  17. Can you review the Night version. My girl loves it.

  18. huh? Easily…but not this one.

  19. How the hell could after-shave be offensive?!?

  20. I only get plum and vanilla from this. No apple or cinnamon :(

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