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Huge Victoria’s Secret Haul 2014

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  • Feel so clean in fresh apple and lily
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  • Fragrance type: Fresh
  • Notes: Fresh apple and lily
250 ml/8.4 fl oz

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  1. feel like last year they had way cuter stuff for the sale

  2. omg refucking tweet

  3. I like your make up

  4. Ur so pretty

  5. "Emerald Green"😭😂 it's teal

  6. you have lovly hair

  7. Jeez I sometimes think people need a bit more of an education. I think anyone is in power you should support….. Hell no, naive much

  8. You are sooo beautiful❤❤

  9. Mackenzie McMahon

    Wait were you born in Cleveland Ohio

  10. Why do you only look at yourself and nog in the actual camera when you're filming? It'a really annoying like you're talking to someone else

  11. I laughed so hard when she said my little boobies an I'm like no, no not anywhere close to little

  12. Pink Poodle Crafts

    When you pulled the bangs down, i thought you looked so adorable! I am a bit biased because I have bangs too but I just love them I think it makes people look younger and cuter!

  13. she is so fafi!!! love her!!

  14. Your hair looks ADORABLE!!

    You really pretty trisha!!

  15. Hi, Trish. I just need your opinion on something. Okay, around the middle school age, and my friends are pressuring me into buying my bras from Victoria's Secret, but my parents don't want me to buy from VS until I'm in high school. What should I do??? Thanks!~

  16. Omfg. She literally only said she is proud of the troops and she is big supporter of them. All you people criticizing et a life. Literally if someone else said it, you would all encourage him/her. So all talk hating, get a life

  17. ok can you all stfu about what she talked about for not even a minute and move on with your lives ffs

  18. Your energy just makes me smile 😂❤️💕

  19. I love your haul videos, you always have cute stuff! I wish I could shop at Victoria's Secret but the one in my mall never has any A-cups :(

  20. How do you curl your hair?

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