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HUGE Perfume Collection | LL42863

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Be Delicious By Donna Karan Womens Eau De Parfum (EDP) Spray 1.7 Oz

  • EDP Spray (Unboxed)
  • 1.7 oz - Unboxed
  • Fragrance has a blend of american apple, cucumber, grapefruit, rose, violet, sandalwood, white amber and tuberose.
  • Ships same day.
  • International Shipping Available
Inspired by New York City Be Delicious by DKNY was introduced in 2004 as a delicious fruity floral aroma for women. The top notes include cucumber grapefruit and magnolia. The heart of this sensual fragrance is tuberose rose violet white muguet and of course apple. Finishing off with white amber and woods. Be Delicious is recommended for daytime wear.

List Price: $ 71.00 Price: $ 34.54

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears, Eau De Parfum Spray, 1-Ounce

  • For a younger audience, britney spears has launched her 4th fragrance in 2006
  • It's floral fruity notes are framboise, black cherry, plum, night orchid, freesia, iris, amber, musk, and vanilla
  • It is recommeneded for anytime wear
For a younger audience, Britney Spears has launched her 4th fragrance in 2006. It's floral fruity notes are framboise, black cherry, plum, night orchid, freesia, iris, amber, musk, and vanilla.

List Price: $ 26.00 Price: $ 13.40


  1. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    I enjoyed hunni great collection

  2. Your collection is lovely and eclectic. I haven't tried Molecule One, but have you tried Serge Lutens Feminite du Bois? It has a definite cedar note, paired with a very soft violet and supported by clove and sandalwood. It's beautiful and the soothing woody sent won't evade you. Thanks for taking time to describe your fragrances. <3

  3. I just watched your perfume vlog and really, really enjoyed it.  I have about 1/3 of the fragrances you have.  I definitely love fragrance and am a perfume addict. I have an entire closet full of perfumes/fragrances/lotions,  I've never counted how many I have but probably close to 1,000???

  4. Dhakshitha Gamawalawwe

    You got quite a few niche fragrances :), nice collection overall

  5. Where do you get all your samples?  I like to try out a scent first as not all of them react well on my skin.

  6. Angel is my sister's signature fragrance.  It smells great on her, but for some reason it smells awful on me.

  7. Scentrifugal Force

    Wicked pissa!! :)

  8. I love your perfume collection!  Do you collect anything else?

  9. La vie est belle translates to Life is beautiful.

  10. I also use eau des baux, great winter fragrance. I'm a loccitane gal, not only because the price point is good, but the scents last and last.
    Did you ever smell their eau de vanillers?
    It was the best vanilla ever. I've purchased countless vanilla based perfumes in hopes of finding something comparable. No luck.
    I really enjoyed your collection☺

  11. Delicious Delights

    Nice collection!  I, too, am also really into wearing fragrances targeted towards men…I love smelling different from the rest of the ladies!  Great video!

  12. I love Angel. Everyone asks what I'm wearing. Like you said, you either love it or hate it.

  13. you're just like me, whenever I see a new perfume, I just go to fragrantica.com hehe
    good video

  14. I love Angel!!

  15. I have noticed that many fragrances with vanilla smell synthetic.  Not all though.

  16. Yay for us girls with short hair!  Great collection.  :)

  17. We have very similar tastes in perfume. Love patchouli vanilla musky rich scents. <3

  18. Rebecca (eezepeeze)

    Where could I get a sample or test out the Cartier one?

  19. Love the same perfumes as you. Try Kenzo Elephant, amazing.l live in New Zealand can't get a lot of these perfumes.

  20. Do you like Alien?

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