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How to Open Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier + Bonus Review

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  1. my brother gave me one and after a couple of failed attempts went for a tin opener and my brother and his wife and myself missed ourselves laughing kkkkkchchchchchjjjjjjjj

  2. can opener lololol

  3. Sebastian de Lellis

    thanks!!! i didn´t know how to open it. I was going to open it with a can opener. jajaja.

  4. hot guy


  6. hes high

  7. พกามาลิน วณิชชานนท์

    เวลาพูดน่ารักอ่ะ 555

  8. faggot…

  9. I should have watched this video before i opened it. I used a can opener!!

  10. The dude does crack.

  11. @GAXxJUNAIDxXGA and what have you seen his penis now did you like it you dont know if it is 2inches

  12. @mikeandspizike dude shut up nobody wants your stupid comment you brucked up dog speak properly

  13. @sidd6734 your evil he just sniffing ooh it a crime call 911

  14. Lumalay by Jennpal Gaulchay. Hilarioussss.

  15. ohh it's not child proof I think I can open it

  16. You showed us how to open it, which everyone knows how to do, yet you did it wrong -__-

  17. Bro that stuff is NOT good for your health man! :)

  18. Broo y wud u fuk do tht. Fuk uu asian 2inch dick

  19. @Puissance aright my bad bro. i just have no respect for trolls

  20. @madspeed7 You have it all wrong. Ash is actually my favourite fragrance reviewer because he is a true collector and is genuine about it. From his reviews, you can tell that he's very passionate about his collection and he presented it in a way that was humourous. I simply wanted to convey the same humour; the intent was not to hate on him.

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