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How do you pronounce French Brands???? (perfume edition/part 3)

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  1. I love you. Thank you so much, I have butchered the French language for far too long. This video most certainly helped me. Ironically my name is Suisse but growing up kids mispronounced my name and would pronounce Susie. Thanks again.

  2. Isn't Bulgari an Italian Brand ?

  3. Great video ! Love it, Thank You! :) xo

  4. How do you pronounce Chanel correctly?

  5. You should wear red lipstick more!

  6. thanx a lot that was quite helpful but I would like to confirm one stuff while displaying the spelling of BVLGARI it seemed like BULGARI may be the font is like that kindly help me out to understand better.

  7. Oh my, I love your voice!

  8. Cacharelle Jada

    My name is Cacharelle!

  9. Some people say "Hermes" is "air-may", instead of "air-mez", as there is no "s" pronunciation in french? Can you help explain? Although, I know French say it air-mez.

  10. "Hermes"……in Chinese is "愛馬仕" which  sounds  like– "I"– "MA"– "SHE"

  11. Nice lady~ Thank you!     Hermes……….Still wondering…….

  12. After I repeated all the pronunciation that she taught. I was like… I think I got other better things to learn. 

  13. Jean Paul Gaultier
    Thank you!

  14. Leo Sofisticato

    she said "pronounciation video"….

  15. Hey, a little suggestion, can you like, repeat the corresponding words more than once? Because it'll be easier if we didn't have to pause the video for awhile to attempt the pronunciation :-)

  16. Yves Saint Laurent

  17. Am I the only one who finds it odd that she doesn't know how to pronounce "pronunciation"?

  18. A. E. Gonzalez Avila

    Lanvin!! Omrrgrrd! Thank you girl! My boyfriend was unconsciously learning these too as he was playing fifa and I was listening lol thank you!

  19. Hermes!!! THANK YOU!!!

  20. biohazardwormbubu

    very sexy! thanks! 

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