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Hotel Madrid – Vera Wang, Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

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  1. This is so creepy!

  2. What is the name of this SONG ?

  3. 為什麼這麼薄的婚紗,主題叫做倩女幽魂還是寡婦夜未眠?

  4. 為什麼這麼薄的婚紗,主題叫做倩女幽魂還是寡婦夜未眠?

  5. I love this

  6. This is exactly how I imagine a brothel housing greasy cocaine addict sluts.

  7. Am I the only one that sees the empowering side of this video? The girls in solid white are unhappy and look sickly while they wait in the bedrooms, but at the end the woman in the black dress is dancing and looks beautiful. She's changing the classic wedding dress look and bringing more black into the dresses, setting the girls apart from the standard of "purity" at marriage and making them wait in hotel bedrooms just to please their husbands. Instead of finding this video disturbing I found it to show how we're changing as a society. Women won't just sit by now and look "pretty" for their husbands.

  8. Ok, I'm still convinced that this line is for women who will be left at the altar. The ghost-like waifs in this ad seem to be symbolically re-enacting what would have been their wedding night if their men hadn't left them.

  9. lisa evers (yipyap)

    god I can't stand the stupid utterly vapid looks they push for with today's models…the  GIRLS all look so utterly bored, BORING, skinny as a rail…and how stupid does it look for some non-latin girl models to do pseudo-passionate flamenco moves?  Just utterly ridiculous and UNsexy.I can't believe the clueless people here who are chastising us for criticizing the girls in this video…that maybe they are all 'naturally' thin, etc.  These people are missing the point!Let's suppose for a moment these girls ARE all naturally this skinny.  So then the question is…why does this video which features maybe 15 or so different models… why is every single one of them so skinny?  Where are the women of other sizes?  No people, the same old message is very loud and clearly being pushed upon us: that skinny is always 'better'…that you can never be 'too thin'.  Please don't insult us and pretend that all these skinny models are just per chance.  This is all completely calculated.  Society wants women young, skinny and with nothing to say (as is implied by the very appearance of these girls' faces and body language….they are just completely vapid).  Older women, and with more meat on them, and who are full of expression and things to say, are a lot more 'threatening'.  We prefer our women (girls) young, starving,  and dumb.

  10. Exquisite, I love it.


  12. Disaffected Anorexic White Girls In Lace 

  13. Very disappointing! Was more worried about the girls health than the actual "dresses".

  14. This is a creepy ad. Almost haunting, and how the girl in the black dress (as well as the sudden addition of black accents to the other dresses) came in as a foil to the quite washed out white – bringing with it a strong aggressive feeling. It was very artistic and completely ignored the cliche romance ads; instead focusing on the dramatic. It felt like it told a story. I kind of loved it. I do agree that the models were way too skinny, but it added to the creepy factor. I don't care about fashion. I don't care for wedding dresses at this point. This made me pay attention anyway. Good video.

  15. I enjoyed it. It did not give off a bridal sort of vibe, like, at all. But I was drawn in by the daunting aura, the elegant nature of the whole thing. Yes, they were very skinny and in no way do ANY of those women resemble me. But that fact doesn't draw any bitter feelings from me. I suppose the ones who do spout all the insults about it do feel some sort of personal attack. And if everyone feels the need to keep disregarding them as women, than that would be saying being a woman requires a certain weight. Which, last time I checked, it actually depends on your anatomy.

  16. It look like you are trying to promote sex.

  17. These women are displayed as sexual objects in which to satisfy a consumers desires… good job with upholding sexism in an already sexist society. Disgusting. How about promoting something positive, like equality between the sexes, instead of objectifying women. Commercials like these are quite upsetting.

  18. @0:59 tf is wrong with that bitch's face O.o??


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