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Hot Water by Davidoff Fragrance/Cologne Review (2009)

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  1. No offense dude but WHO THE HELL CARES about bottle and box, you pay for juice not for the fucking bottle, whats wrong with people :D

  2. I had hot water deostick and i really liked it so you think I might like this one also?

  3. Generic scent at best…

  4. I will admit, this is one of my FAVORITES!  I love oriental spices.

  5. Πέτρος Τρελός

    i cant smell it :( 

  6. JoseLievano Ramirez

    Fuck youtube commercials that play right when the dam video is playing, fuck criket wireless too for paying to play their commercial during the video.

  7. Ahmed abdel moneim

    which is better cool water or hot water ?

  8. Hey Marc. I recently received this perfume as a gift. I have a small suspicion that it might be fake. Usually on all my other big name perfumes there's a sticker or a print at the bottom of the bottle. However on this one there wasn't anything at all. I went to a major retailer and looked under the tester bottle of this perfume and it had a sticker. Everything you showed is identical with the one I have. Do you think the absence of a sticker is reason enough to think it's a counterfeit?

  9. Robes!!! Please!!! Dont store your Fragrances in a mirrorshelf with much light. Even light from lamps can break op the moleculs in the cologne and it wont keep the smell smelling good. I would store fragrances in a dark cupboard with an average from 20 celcius. Please take my advice. I heard this from many fragrance sellers!!!

  10. damn 2 to 5 hours ? I guess it depends from person to person this stuff is like angel men on my skin it projects like hell and lasts about 8 hours

  11. If it wasnt for snoop I dont think cool water would have been near as big

  12. Can you do a review for Drakkar Noir or Hollister Break Line? Please and thank u

  13. I think this scent is a nice oriental scent. its not really sweet. compare it with one million, hot water is much better and not near that sweetness.

  14. The production values are 1st rate… I love your new commitment to quality control!

  15. Lilkman??? Oops, I mean Creed. How did that happen? Oh well, cool…great marc, hope to see it whenever you up to it.

  16. @jurassicpotter1 Code for cooler months, ADG for spring and summer. I would not say one is better then the other.

  17. @DMOtron32 OS has not been formally reviewed yet on my channel. It's in the works tho

  18. @senore01 yes that is correct ! I keep them out when I am home , once I leave overseas they in a dark cool place

  19. Hi Marc. I see that you keep your fragrances in a beautiful presentation cabinet. However, I was always informed that fragrances should be kept away from the light. Is that info. correct? Thanks, William-NYC.

  20. Marc, speaking of Original Santal by lilkmak just wonder if you have done a review on that fragrance yet? I use it on nights out and it isn't getting the hype as most Creeds do.

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