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Hot Couture Eau de Parfum by Givenchy Perfume Review

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  1. please do a review for chanel COCO MADEMOISELLE :)

  2. AlMulazimChannel

    is it appropriate for men ?!

  3. the me, for some reason, the edt reminds me of the smell of Nerds candies….silly i know but that's what my nose picks up?! i love it through and it does change as it dries down but yes, i agree the edt is very sweet

  4. One of my absolute fave perfumes!

  5. Patrick Youngblood

    I have not had a chance to try the edp but I do like the edt. Great scent!

  6. StrawberryBlonde10

    I got to try this one

  7. @Ragingmetal1 im not sure if it is unisex but it smells like it*

  8. I also have a unisex fragrance but dont know how i got it and it says LR CLASSICS on it…. its probably some cheap stuff.

  9. OMG I just realized i screwed up my review of this fragrance i did it on the eau de toilette Ooopsy

  10. @raidernationcali yes, kind of, but it will depend on your tastes :)

  11. @XforeverlongingX I absolutely love tea fragrances! I will most definitely be hunting those ones down 😀

  12. @XforeverlongingX hahah!!! THank you sooo much!!!

  13. I love Judas playing in the background.

  14. @raidernationcali It's pink :p. maybe you can get away with it. Try it out!!

  15. You always use the best songs:)

  16. raidernationcali

    So is this unisex?

  17. Oh shit! I forgot about this one… On a forum a lot of people were saying it's super sexy on women. It sounds like maybe they were talking about the EdT.

    Try to get your hands on that version if you can too :)

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