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Homewear and Beauty haul | Bella Coco

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  1. Hi can you do a craft room tour because i would really like to see your yarn stash. 

  2. Hi SJ :) have you attempted any of the colouring yet? I'm going to buy this book iv been looking for a decent colouring book (I love things like that too 😉 ) and it's got loads of good reviews! Was just wondering what pencils/pens you would recommend! Lots of people have been talking about the steadtler range wondering what you have used … xx

  3. Loved how you were with the colouring book lol XD

  4. I have to ask, would you do a make up tutorial? You always look so pretty and I love your makeup. Would you mind please? Xx

  5. Sarah Jayne +Bella Coco Vanilla is the best scent imo. The glass wear is great. The sea glass lantern would be fab with seashells, sea glass, starfish with a sea scent Yankee candle 👍😀👍

  6. I've been obsessed with colouring in books lately! :D

  7. How bizarre…just watched this video and I was looking at the Enchanted Forest colouring book this morning!
    I have a fishbowl vase like that one and I've put clear and blue/teal glass crystals in mine!

  8. Did you ever figure out what to do with the box? I love the jar with the rope handle. Yeah for an adult coloring book. 

  9. Hiya I forgot to mention hobby craft does alot of wedding crafts. Check it out its really lovely. They've got everything there. Including artwork crochet wool cross stitching kids art all sorts. 

  10. Definitely a yes for a ''what's in my bag'' video.  And I am so going to buy that colouring book!!

  11. Hi bella ,
    Thanks for sharing your videos with us , May I ask you what video editor did you use and how do you record you hand only when crocheting ?
    Thanks again

  12. Being a crafter, I totally agree with the coloring! :) It really does help calm you down. Some of the designs were really beautiful. 

  13. Beautiful

  14. Second

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