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  1. Amazing in depth review, you sold me on getting it so it'll be here Wednesday and I can't wait to try it… Also thanks for mentioning how it could work for both genders, much appreciated. Have a wonderful week :-)


  2. hey subbie love your latest video – nice job – keep it up – how about viewing my latest – that'd b awesome – keep in touch !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jjackeeeeeee' Renee

    SUBBED U….

  4. jjackeeeeeee' Renee

    Love HEAT……….

  5. Remembering Elvis Presley

    Sounds a very interesting Unisex fragrance and thank you for your special review on this beautiful friend!!!
    Have a wonderful friday and weekend,
    Hugs Angeline

  6. "This is my first fragrance and I want to be sure that I will love it forever! " – stated Beyonce for wwd

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