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Haul | Michael Kors & MCM | Bdellium Tools Review

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  1. Bdellium Tools are 20% off on iherb.com at the moment. First timers can also get $10 off total purchase with coupon code ZEH931. Hope that helps!

  2. They all fake

  3. Love the bags!

  4. they were sent to me lol

  5. no problem and thank you for your wonderful feedback as well xoxo

  6. thank you so much, and good luck with your channel

  7. oh okay, its depending up to you. This is full time for me, and I have alot of requests so yeah. But the contract say to upload at least 2 videos a month

  8. thank you :)

  9. RIGHT ON!

  10. aww really? thats really cool! SHOUTOUT'S TO LIZZIE lol

  11. i am so happy! I try to never hold back and show my personality as much as I can, so glad you enjoy watching xoxo

  12. yeah they are real!

  13. thank you so much

  14. So I went to their website and I was just wondering of their brands are real and not fake. Because the prices are really good for name brand.

  15. CapiliJironGlamourxx

    I really love your personality :) :) Your always so fun to watch and are Super Gorgeous x x

  16. I wouldn't of watched this video if it wasn't for Lizzie's humbleness

  17. hahah the beginning was so funny. I love your style and makeup in this video :) You're beautiful !

  18. Blues clues lol

  19. Because we are [artnered by the same people and i just wanted some advice(: Thanks!!!

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