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[Haul] Anna Sui + Givenchy Spring Collection 2012

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  1. Yea you can use the colors separately too! No problem!! Oh really? Not available in US? The packaging is so cute!! The quality has improved a lot over the years too!

  2. thanks for swatching the Sui blushes. Did you try to use any of the colors individually? (the gold, white, pink and orange inside the #600 blush – Can you use them separately too?) thanks! I always stock up on Anna Sui in HK because I can't find it in US at all :)

  3. LOL – I think I have a couple long time ago!! Yea definitely!! With Fake lashes hahahaha!

  4. You should do a video without yur glasses :) I wanna see!!

  5. @strawberrybath Ohhh thank you so much XD

  6. you have such good taste =)

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