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HAUL ♡ Perfume & Sigma Brushes! ♡

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  1. OMG i watch ur videos but hardly comment.Raven hair looks so beautiful on u 

  2. these perfumes are so old omg you should try victor and rolf or daisy by marc jacobs if you like floral!

  3. you can really hear the sicatis lol

  4. Can you do an updated makeup collection video?

  5. Your dog in the back

  6. i like your bottles in the background LOL

  7. Can you just do a short video or blog post on how you wing your liner so perfectly?

  8. you are soooooo gorgeous ! i'm a bit jalous hahaha :)

  9. This makeup looks SO good on you.

  10. your rings are beautiful

  11. its funny how people think your faking your accent lol, obviously people think us new zealand girls are fakers haha

  12. you look too pale in this video

  13. great video, and your makeup looks amazing x

  14. not hating or anything, but when i actually saw u first time on ur "get ready with me" – videos, and i thought u were bitchy and stuff, but then i saw ur other videos and now i'm seriously in love with u haha 😀 u are so sweet and soo funny 😀 <3 xx

  15. I LOVE Your eyebrows here! :)
    They look so much nicer. :*
    3:38 – Fluff—y Brush! 😀

  16. is this your real accsent it kinda sounds fake (not to be mean im a subbie )

  17. LOL.. Celine Dion perfume, "I thought it was going to smell like old people."

  18. I like your vodka in the background

  19. if u want a vanilla perfume try the body shop they have a great vanilla perfume :)xox

  20. SamanthaVictoria661

    Im dying to get the Sigma bunny brushes because there Vegan. Anything vegan. I must get! Lol idk why but i hate all Paris Hilton perfume, especially the boys perfumes ugh they smell like grass and just gross stuff. Plus i dont wanna support her shes got enough money. Haha

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