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Harajuku Lovers Perfume Collection

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  1. Christine Valentine

    Auto correction lil G not lol G haha x

  2. Christine Valentine

    Your so welcome I got the G one and also lol angel one getting more soon they so nice lol and no haven't seen that video il have a look shortly x

  3. Christine Valentine

    They do all theses on amazon still x

  4. Christine Valentine

    Your collection is beautiful omg wish I had them lol I got 3 coming today tho got long way yet to get around least the amount u got haha they beautiful tho u did well to get them all if u get anymore can u post a update video please x

  5. Fragrancex has 100ml tester bottles

  6. do they smell the same? like does baby in the beach collection smell the same as the original?

  7. wow i didnt know there were so many!

  8. i had the ones that are the same design as the ones with the felt hair, but mine dont have felt hair

  9. Love them O_O,the bottles' designs is incredibly CUTE!!!<3:3

  10. The only one I ever had was the beach G and it smells so nice, like coconut!

  11. The bigger ones are 30 and the smaller ones are just 10 xx

  12. hey how much oz were the bigger ones

  13. Yeh i have that one to, its lovely, so cute, its a shame there havent been more out as i loved collecting them xx

  14. Yeh, but i cant help but love them all, i like that they are all very different smells x

  15. Original Large Love is such amazing lovely smell

  16. Thank you, they are really cute xx

  17. Omg I love them

  18. spaceysno1girl .

    Wow! Really? I did actually know that, but this is me sharing my collection not doing a lecture, and i didnt actually call them by their wrong names if you took the time to listen, 7,366 people did not feel the need to bring that to my attention xx

  19. Aw, that's a shame. Guess I have to do some perfume hunting >:D

  20. spaceysno1girl .

    Sadly not, but you can still get it on ebay xx

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