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Harajuku Lovers Jingle G Review

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  1. It was on clearance too at Sephora for 11 bucks I think.. Something super cheap like that.. I was soooo mad!

  2. it was 19.99 for me and i got it at shoppers drug mart and it smells reeally spicy and yummy

  3. @ecpono It was on the shelf (i did not buy at Sephoras though..) so i took it and brought it to checkout.. The 10ml is cuter btw

  4. @ChyNCollet where did you get the big bottle?!?! I want it! The Sephoras don't have the big bottle! Yeah it was kinda hard to open.. My husband had to open it for me hehehe

  5. It has the big bottle i think its about like 30ml PS: i found the transparent cylinder hard to open until i realize you had to open it from the bottom lol

  6. It was $38.00 for me .. :S

  7. is it a christmassy smell?

  8. @StrberryProductions Thanks! You should definitely get his while you can :)

  9. @StrberryProductions Thanks!

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