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Harajuku Lovers Fragrance – Review (All 5)

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  1. i like love!

  2. you should make ASMR <3 :3 awesome vid Peachie-san

  3. RachWantsHerCupcake

    omg I used to have one… then it disappeared.. I still have the little doll though!

  4. Yay, I wear baby ^_^ it's so good

  5. I love this review! It's very organized and has great descriptions for the scent and personality!

  6. Baby is my favorite then I like love's look

  7. I like baby! :)

  8. Randomly Speaking

    This is an old review for an older product, and you did this video two years ago, but I still like to come back and watch it sometimes. I just love your appraisal of these scents. I remember going into some perfume stores to smell the scents after watching just because I can, and you were totally on point about each one.

  9. my favorite is MUSIC i love it is just like me!!

  10. ~TheFluffehCannibal~

    Baby was my favourite too ^.^

  11. I have music in the doll shape.It suits me quite well.

  12. I have a different set and they're small and cute ^^

  13. @ansatsusama it smells like plastic fruit… idk you might like it, i didnt find it as good:3

  14. i wll get Music in two days… It Smell GOOD?

  15. Kirstie Twentyplus

    I got Lil' Angel :3 Suits me, and I'm probably just as you described it hehe ^^

  16. i think that baby as a girl is kind of like me! ^.^

  17. @ninetaleschinjoo HAHA ikr? XD doesnt she sound like Bubz from Bubzbeauty though? like the accent?

  18. My boyfriend's mum bought me the Music perfume for christmas, I love it! I think it would go well with classic lolita. Might try the baby one at some point, it sounds cute…

  19. I bought the baby perfume because I really love the smell 😮
    buuuut… my family hates it when i put it on :c so i stopped wearing it.

  20. amazing video i am now inspired to buy the whole set ^_^ <3

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