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Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. I like this video! Katie have you ever tried L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani?

  2. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Aw, that's nice of you to offer, but I won't trouble you with my problems. Much appreciated, though! :-)

  3. The same time you have obviously.

  4. Katie Puckrik Smells

    How much time do you have?

  5. What is wrong with you?

  6. it's 'ka-wa-ii' 😀

  7. Katie Puckrik Smells

    I may possibly be a gangster, but I didn't shave my eyebrow. It's a scar from a childhood accident.

  8. lol whats with the shaved eye brow? are you a gangster?

  9. ShainaErika Seki

    "Super Kawi" :'D
    as a Japanese person, that made me laugh so hard.

  10. I love the scent of G. It's such a beautiful coconut scent. Wish it came in 100 ml bottles. The 10 ml and 30 ml bottles are too small and too expensive for their size.

  11. The bottle of Love that my grandmother gave me broke a couple of years ago. :(

  12. So she was politely saying that this is something a 12 year old would like.

  13. Katie Puckrick shares her feelings about all the Harajuku Lovers in one sitting! Worth a watch…

  14. This negative and sarcastic vibe is really irritating to watch! Just like watching a kid name calling/ bullying everyone back at school! immature.

  15. well shit, now i wanna buy BABY!

  16. Hi! Would you be able to review LAMB by Gwen Stefani? I would love your take on the scent.

  17. each has his own way in smelling ! 😉 i like baby it's smells like powder, no hair spray for me lol
    what reminds me of hair spray is heaven by gap , which i also like

  18. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @Christinoism I see your point. There's an apocalypse, and the last girl left on earth is wearing Baby, but she smells fantastic! I don't think spraying on Baby causes the apocalypse, though. Maybe it's something to do with the end of the Mayan calender.

  19. Your jokes on the perfume makes me so depressed.. Supposedly everybody dies once I put on Baby?

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