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Happy For Men by Clinique fragrance/cologne review (1999)

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  1. This has been my favorite fragrance for over 10 years, but it wears off very quickly.
    The reason I like it is that it's not very "perfume-ey", it's light and very fresh. Too bad it doesn't last that long. Clinique on a whole is my favorite brand, their Clinique Skin Supplies For Me is the best. Been using it for almost 30 years now.

  2. whats wrong with this cologne? its my favorite not too overpowering I got a sensitive nose its perfect for me my nose doesn't cry a river! 

  3. That track by kanye certainly reminds one he is no real lyricist despite his posturing as an artist, he's nowhere near the real intellectuals of the genre like Talib Kweli. 

  4. hey Mark, what do u think about Moschino Friends? looking for a non-floral orangy summer fragrance. any recommendations? thanks a lot!

  5. Lasts a long time on my skin!! Love the scent, and compliments from the women are numerous….'nuff said!! Great review, by the way!! :-)

  6. Great review, I love the scent but it does not last on me.

  7. Tried this and LOVE the smell but it didnt last long or project

  8. Marc, I have literally bathed in it, and it still won't last longer than 2, maybe 3 hours…MAX! I always carry a decant with this one in the summer. It does last a little bit longer in early spring, especially here in Washington State. Marc your right, if it did have longevity…it might even be better than Issey Miyake.

  9. hey marc would this fragrence work well if u just wear it to go to class? liek will they people able to smell it? ( class only lasts forlike 50 min)?

  10. @robes08 Yeah, I think the audio is not clear in this video (background. your voice is clear and fine). No audio quality problem with other videos though i say. 😉

  11. damn i was busy today didnt get a chance to see your vids , and just my luck today i went and blind bought this one , well at least i only payed 17.50 for the 1.7 oz.

  12. @robes08 "All of the lights" ftw.

  13. Really good review Marc thanks,
    This stuff must only have around 2 or 3% perfume oil,
    i really wanted this frag b4 i knew anything about frags back when i used to only wear Cool Water & Boss no6.
    When i learned that the long/pro was really bad with this scent i decided that this is a major no no for me.

  14. Thank you! cformosa4

  15. Thanks for the review, Marc.

  16. Great review, I wore this fragrance to work today first time I ever used it. When I first sprayed it I thought it smelt great but then I realized it was very linear and the projection and longevity was terrible. spot on Marc!

  17. @Fejosol Avignon is incredible! Think of catholic mass in a cathedral :)

  18. The intense version could be called "extremely Happy"

  19. Dude you just read my mind…I was thinking of joking bout an extreme version!!!! lol!!

  20. Orange vert has projection/longevity issues as well. Definitely get the concentrate.

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